PREVIEW BAO Publishing: Iperurania of Francesco Guarnaccia


Published on Apr 21, 2018


BAO Publishing is proud to announce the release in all the libraries of Iperurania, the new graphic novel by Francesco Guarnaccia.

A space colony, built to study a planet that, with time, proved to be inhospitable and impossible to classify. The inhabitants of the colony, then, begin to take photographs, and do photography contests where the only rule, for reasons as much of competition as of yet is: you can not touch the surface of the planet.

But if you get nearer and take the most beautiful pictures, became famous and celebrated by the small community. Bun, the protagonist, is an amateur photographer with big ambitions but little motivation. One day, without knowing how, is with the foot on the surface of the planet. And this is the beginning of his greatest adventure, even if you can't talk about it with anyone.

Francesco Guarnaccia gives us a story at the same time intense and light-hearted, mild and deep, reflecting on the meaning of art, the importance of friendship and the forces that push us to be the best we can be.

A planet that can not touch, can not study and can not explain. However, can you take a picture and it becomes the interest of all the inhabitants of the space colony. But to what purpose, if it is impossible to understand the nature? To make art. And, in the case of Bun, to become someone. The first graphic novel by Francesco Guarnaccia for BAO Publishing is a reflection on the meaning of art and the importance of earning things.

Meetings with the author:

– Preview in Milan on April 20 at La Feltrinelli (the Duomo) at 18:30
– Napoli Comicon, the author will be a guest at the booth, BAO Publishing
– Salone del libro of Turin, the author will be a guest at the booth, BAO Publishing
– ARF! in Rome, the author will be a guest at the booth, BAO Publishing, and the protagonist of the show is unedited and staff from the title: “there are strange things in this world.” The exhibition, a legacy of Award Bartoli, Francesco Guarnaccia was awarded to ARF last year, will be open from next may 25 to July 15.

PREVIEW BAO Publishing: Iperurania of Francis Guarnaccia is




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