PREVIEW – BAO Publishing: Haxa Vol. 2 – the Shadows of the Water of Nicholas Pellizon


Published on Jan 28, 2019


BAO Publishing is proud to announce the release of the second volume of the tetralogy the magic of Nicolò Pellizzon: Haxa volume 2 – the Shadows of the water.

This second volume of the series and the techno-fantasy of Nicolò Pellizzon, it takes up the opposition between the two schools of magic presented in the first volume, the elementalists and the goetiani, who face each other for the control of Haxa, an energy hidden, which flows through the material.

We continue to follow the adventures of the group of young mages outlaws, Sophia, Aiko, Claire and the others, fleeing from the guardians of the magical arts, and by the police antimagica, after the events that they put under the eyes of the world as the Haxa can rewrite the rules of the conflict, revealing that not all the magic is under the control of the two schools.

Exploring themes of friendship, of trust in themselves and in others, the understanding of the nature of the world, through the construction of a mythology at the same time modern and timeless, the author makes the world of Haxa vibrant verisimilitude, despite being very far from the reality of the reader.

The exciting tetralogy magic of Nicolò Pellizzon, get to the second chapter. Haxa is a comic book techno-fantasy, a library of rules, magic, modern, a story in which the fusion of authorial pop and serial storytelling reveals a mix of the sublime and the unusual, enjoyable and full of ideas on current affairs.

The company wants us to be divided, but the magic should move away, in reality, is the force that unites us. When we dialogue, we love. When we love, we can conquer what we are really fighting: freedom.

PREVIEW – BAO Publishing: Haxa Vol. 2 – the Shadows of the Water of Nicholas Pellizon is




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