PREVIEW – Bao Publishing: HAXA 1 – the boundaries of THE wind by Nicolò Pellizzon


Published on Oct 11, 2017


BAO Publishing is pleased to announce the release of HAXA 1 – the borders of THE wind, the first volume of the new series the magic of Nicolò Pellizzon, already the author of The bitter advice.

One day the world discovers the magic and the force that combines the smallest particles of existence: the HAXA. Two factions govern it: six percent of humanity is capable of transforming the subject-matter according to the laws elementals, or summon creatures from other dimensions. Who has the first type of power is educated and can, if they want to dedicate their lives to the defense of the world from goetiani, the magicians capable of summoning creatures from other worlds. But perhaps this scheme of things is just a convenient smokescreen to protect the interests of the ancestral. Only a group of boys, outcasts, but in their own way, powerful in their interpretation of the magical arts, can begin to reveal the great deception.

Nicolò Pellizzon writes, with this first installment of an exciting series that will be released at the pace of a year book, a grimoire of the rules of magic in modern languages and the occult, that reinvents the comic book superhero. The fusion of authorial pop and serial storytelling is a mix of the sublime and the unusual, enjoyable and full of ideas.

The volume is a full-bodied column with flaps, the cover is spectacularly printed on pearl.

The tour presentation of the book will open on Tuesday 17 October 2017 in Milan, at The Feltrinelli Duomo, 18:30 hours. Then continues to Verona Friday, October 27, at La Feltrinelli in Via Quattro Spade, at 18:00.

The author will be a guest at the booth, BAO Publishing, at the upcoming Lucca Comics & Games 2017.


PREVIEW – Bao Publishing: HAXA 1 – the boundaries of THE wind by Nicolò Pellizzon is




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