PREVIEW – BAO Publishing: Digging of Ditches – Feeding Crocodiles Zerocalcare


Published on Nov 22, 2018


BAO Publishing is proud to announce the release in all of the libraries to Dig ditches – Feeding crocodiles, the catalogue of the great exhibition of Zerocalcare at the MAXXI, Rome (November 10, 2018 – march 10, 2019).

The volume, edited by BAO Publishing, contains four stories in comics ever printed before, the critical texts of Claudio Calia, Francesca Romana Elisei, Oscar Glioti and Loredana Lipperini, as well as hundreds of designs that are rare or never seen before, tracing over fifteen years of the life and work of the artist of Rebibbia.

An important book, for the personal history of an author, and a piece of recent History, presented in the same format of the Rubble first, and rendered essential by a history 1999-2018 (written by Oscar Glioti) that contextualizes Zerocalcare with a precision never reached before in the writings about him.

The exhibition of Zerocalcare at the MAXXI in Rome is curated by Giulia Ferracci, with the collaboration of Silvia Barbagallo and is made in co-production with Minimondi Events.

From November 10, 2018 march 10, 2019, the prestigious MAXXI museum of Rome hosts a major exhibition of Zerocalcare, which covers fifteen years of the author's career, from the comic books, political posters-punk, from the non-reportage, stories and more pop. BAO Publishing has been called to cure the catalogue, an edition valuable for anyone who wants to get to know better the most famous and versatile author of comics of the last decade.

PREVIEW – BAO Publishing: Digging of Ditches – Feeding Crocodiles Zerocalcare is




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