Press conference of the Premier Count this afternoon: “my position on The Mes is not changed”


Published on Apr 10, 2020


From hours now speak of what would have happened in meetings that were held in recent days, in particular during the meetings of yesterday. The debate on the conditions that Italy would have accepted or not accepted, it is open but the confusion is so great. For this reason, the Premier Earl has decided that this afternoon will hold a press conference to answer all the questions, but also to clarify its position on the latest developments.

The controversy, in respect to the decisions on the Esm, started already in the late evening of yesterday, after which had come the news of the possible agreement signed by our Government.

The Eurogroup, in fact, yesterday, he reached an agreement on the Esm (for the health care expenses without conditions), on the Eib, and on the mechanism of the anti-unemployment. According to initial reports, about the agreement, in the text of the conclusions, which now goes to the leader, there is no mention of Eurobonds, but a Recovery Fund is still to be defined. The meeting lasted less than 45 minutes and ended with the applause of the ministers”, said the spokesman of the president Centeno. These information have created a huge controversy in Italy.

The plan has a total value of a thousand billion euros, explained the French Finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, which is based on four pillars: 240 billion of the Esm, the Eib loans to companies worth 200 billion, and the mechanism for the financing of the Igc for 100 billion. Finally, the plan for the recovery that will have an indicative value of about 500 billion.

And the minister of Gualtieri, on the controversy triggered above all by the leaders of the opposition to this government, he clarified: “there are allegations by both sides. Maybe Salvini, and Melons are unaware that the Esm already exists, and that there are conditionalities, that is, the control of the troika. The Eurogroup has proposed, and not decided, that the Esm may provide, in addition to the mechanism of the troika, also a tool or unconditional from which the Countries who want it, not Italy, will be able to take money without the condition. Italy and the premier Count people have said and repeated that the Esm is not suitable to deal with the crisis”.

Yesterday was scheduled a press conference for the Premier, around to 20,20, but has been postponed. A few minutes ago via social, Conte has announced that he will speak today, around 14.

“I have only one word,” wrote the Count on the social. “My position on the Mes has never changed and never will change,” said the Premier, announcing the press conference during which he will speak, probably, even of the new dates for the measures of restriction which should last at least until may 3, 2020.

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