Presidency of the FIGC, Abodi: “If I win relaunching the model ‘Italia’, just copy”

Published on Mar 04, 2017

Andrea Abodi, candidate for the presidency of the Figc, explains to Adnkronos, the first things you would do if you won the challenge with Carlo Tavecchio on march 6. “I want a Federation more free, transparent and modern. A Federation that is more open, able to communicate clearly and constructively with all stakeholders, supporters included”. Presidency of the FIGC, Abodi: “If I win relaunching the model ‘Italia’, just copy”. “The first thing I would do to be president of the Figc? I would do the list of commitments to be taken. In concert with all the seven components of our system, the first thing will be to elaborate and make public the agenda of the commitments of the mandate, to allow anyone to follow the path and to express an opinion.” Without models to follow. “The idea of the last few years to take here and there, from England, a thing, from Germany, another from Spain, another still, is losing the focus on the need to reaffirm the Italian model that, for decades, has been the international reference, which was lost for a number of reasons. The objective of the Federation is to become the central reaffirming the Italian model”. Abodi has then in mind the four “sites” to immediately put in motion, format, infrastructure and sports justice, in addition to the internationalization of the Club's Italy. “The reform of the championships? I have in mind a series of working groups that I would like to open immediately. One on the quality of this competition is the decisive factor and is still before the definition of the number of teams. The quality of the competition, the criteria of the entry of the licensing System, the model of the distribution of resources and in the end the perimeter of the competitions and even Leagues, because you probably have three professional Leagues deserves attention”. “The second site continues Abodi - concerns the development of infrastructure, broad-spectrum, everything that can be of support to clubs and Leagues in the relationship with municipal and regional governments, perhaps by promoting and stimulating discussion with the Government to develop a legislative proposal to make more effective the law on sports. Another theme of infrastructure is aimed at the harmonisation of the projects at the youth fields and nurseries of the individual clubs with those of the federal training centres, territorial, without neglecting support to the development of the network of Academies”. “The third yard regards the reform of sport Justice in which you have to immediately insert a digital culture for making them more efficient in the daily work. I would like a reform and a modernisation of the rules, starting by a different modulation of the strict liability, continuing with the evaluation of separate activities, investigating and requirente of the federal Attorney”. “A further project, the dedicherei to the internationalization of the blue shirt, with the extension of Club Italia, the organizational direction of the National team, I would like to become an internationalization project able to involve Italian companies in the world, the great and extraordinary community of italians in the world appreciate the Made in Italy and the Italian Style”, he continues. Abodi tip then a lot also on the development of women's football. “If you believe firmly and sincerely in the development of the relationship between the world of women and football, for what concerns not only the sports aspect, but also the presence of women in stadiums, in the organs of representation and in the operational structures, you must develop a strategy that is more articulated, specific, and convincing”. “Women's football is blue has never reached the goal of olympic qualification. To fill this gap it is necessary to develop a specific project, to be funded in concert with the Cones that will certainly be available, because the first objective of the sport Federations and the olympic committee is to contribute to the qualification of athletes and teams, the more those who have never gone to the Games”. By Andrea Abodi attention to Futsal, a discipline now well-established in our Country: “Always in key olympic I would very much like to start from Italy, with due diligence, an international campaign for the inclusion in the programme of the Games of 5 a side football”. The candidate for the presidency of the Figc wants to retrieve, a bit like done by Gianni Infantino in the Fifa, the champions. “The recovery of large samples is crucial for me, maybe forgetting someone now, but not wanting to forget anyone, all those who can give a contribution of the testimony, of contribution, of skills, of experiences, from Zoff to Tardelli, I'd like to work with Demetrio Albertini, but also of engaging with Claudio Gentile, Ciro Ferrara, Francesco Rocca, Roberto Baggio and Paolo Maldini. There are many people who think they are worth recover a relationship within the federal house and consider them a heritage that can not be dispersed and to whom you must guarantee absolute respect”. With regard to the election of Monday, the president resigned of the Alloy B is convinced to have a support even in Serie A. “The League Series by Tavecchio? I think not. It seems to me it was more of a communication operation to reassure and pull about the morale, that will be profoundly amended by the vote of Monday. The B Series? After the comparison among the candidates for my position was greatly strengthened. The coaches and the Amateurs? I am convinced that Monday will contribute to the definition of the result,” says Abodi. “For me, the reference model is the one that, four years ago, has allowed Giovanni Malagò to win the challenge of the presidency of the Cones, then work, contact people in the correct way, talking about content, and entrusting to the ballot box, with the certain degree of secrecy and confidentiality that should be assigned to the voting, the definition of the result”, concluded Abodi. (ADNKRONOS)

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