Presented six new Pokémon to Pokémon Sun and Moon

Published on Jul 19, 2016

With an announcement on Twitter, were presented to the six new Pokémon you'll meet in the next titles of the seventh generation for the Nintendo 3DS. Let's find them out together!

The first monster that Nintendo has presented us with is Wimpod. This is a Pokémon Lestopode, type Bug/Water. His skill is Fuggifuggi, which allows you to escape from battle or be replaced by another Pokémon in the team when the PS drops below half.

Bounsweet is a Pokémon, the Result of type Grass. In the game there are some specimens with the ability leaf guard's combination, the other with Indifference.

Now it is the turn of Comfey, Pokémon Garland (in theme with the region of Alola, inspired by Hawaii) of type Goblin. Some examples of Comfey have the ability Primacura, an ability unprecedented, which means that the moves healing have the highest priority.

Pokémon Fortequino type to Ground type, ability, unpublished Mudsdale is Mind, which increases his defense to a degree when it is already under attack.

Be careful not to make you hug from this cuddly teddy bear, because it seems not to be able to check its strength! Bewear is a Pokémon Fortebraccio, Normal type/Fighting. His skill is Morbidone, which halves the damage suffered from direct attacks, doubling, however, those suffered by the moves of the Fire type.

Last, but not least, here is Mimikyu. It is said that living hidden under a cloth, and that no inhabitant of Alola has ever dared to discover her true appearance because, according to legend, anyone who sees it is likely to be affected by a disease. Because he feels alone, has assumed the form of Pikachu, the monster pocket more and more famous, to be able to make friends with human beings.

Mimikyu is a Pokémon Fantasmanto type Spectrum/Goblin. His skill is Fantasmanto, which protects from a single attack before being discovered.

As always, we leave you the official video to show you these six new Pokémon in action.

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