Prepare the detox strawberry: depuriamoci for the swimsuit test


Published on Mar 30, 2019


We can't wait for the warm air of spring into our homes. But with the arrival of spring approaching the summer and that means that we have less and less time for the test costume! We say no of course to all of the drastic diets to lose weight, but we try to get in shape, especially for our well-being and not only a mere question of aesthetics ! And how can we help if you do not with the perfect recipes detox for the summer? Today, we explain how to do it in the house, with a few simple steps, a healthy recipe, water detox strawberry. Greedy yes, but also lightweight and excellent to purify us.

Water detox strawberry is also perfect for all people who have difficulty drinking. With this simple recipe you will also find the taste of the drink, and with very few calories and a well-being for your whole body.

Here are the ingredients we need for this water detox: 1 liter of water, 500 grams of strawberries, 2 lemons, and if we like the mint, also a few leaves of mint

Clean the strawberries and cut in half. Rinse the mint leaves and sliced lemons. Of course, we do a lot of attention to the strawberries: we have to wash them well and make sure that they are clean and that they do not contain bacteria.

Put all into a jug with a capacious, taking care to rub the leaves of mint to promote the dissemination of the aroma and cover with water.

Cover and leave in the refrigerator for at least two hours. You will find that the more you let in the infusion, more will be red and the strawberries at the end will change colour to pale pink. Our water detox is ready. We can also use ice cubes, maybe if the day in which we drink our water is particularly humid or hot. And then we drink, reminding us always that drinking is one of the most important things to do.

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