Premier Conte on Sunday: “the Concern is understandable, panic is not. Outbreaks over 140”


Published on Feb 23, 2020


A direct connection to Giuseppe Conte in the episode of Sunday 23 February 2020 in order to launch a message to all italians, and to respond to the questions of Mara Venier, who is somehow the spokesperson for all italians. The premier has invited everyone to maintain calm, not to panic because you're doing everything you need.

The words of Giuseppe Conte on Sunday: “I Understand the fact that at this time the citizens are worried, but we are doing everything with the more stringent measures, in this time we found a lot of cases, but also due to the fact that we make meticulous controls. We have made thousands, and this leads us to raise the number of cases. We have done much more than 3000 samples and this on the level of the comparative would seem to svantaggiarci but in reality it is a line of maximum penalty and maximum protection vis-à-vis Italian citizens.“

Mara Venier is to note that is going to change the lives of the people but that all of these measures are useful. “The participation at this moment and also the solidarity of all it is important to follow the rules, in this way we can try to help ourselves and others,” said the presenter.

“It is important to cooperate and express solidarity with these people who are the target of restrictive measures. There will be personal sacrifices, for the next 14 days there will be changes, especially in areas identified as strains and fulcrums. IN these areas you will ask for sacrifices to the local people. We must stay close. Them cover with extra care and attention to their health. I ask for trust, but I also trust serves a pact in the collective interest,” said the premier.

The presenter asks how in a few days there was a high number of cases. “The outbreaks are currently over 140 but we must not frighten us,” explains Giuseppe Conte also talking about all the checks that have been made in these last few weeks. “For how many controls you can make, there are times of incubation,” explained the premier saying that you cannot do a swab to over 50 thousand passengers per day.

“We have done everything that could be done, always taking into account the recommendations of the scientific committee. Surely if it escapes from the mesh, a person who has the viral agent transmissible, we can do nothing. If the patient zero has a life of it's very dynamic in a few hours spreads to the touch. It is important to now contain how we are doing and how we hope to do. We will protect the health of the citizens,” said the premier, who stresses that the people most at risk are those elderly with other pathologies.

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