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Published on Oct 01, 2019


When the yautja are wild men struggle to keep their head. What you are eating in Afghanistan is a war that involves human beings, terrorists, and yautja. but in these two books that conclude the narrative of “Prey and predators” humans are guided by the daring captain Thorpe, who will be able to hold the head to the yautja.

This is a mini-narrative that also introduces the murderers, a special yautja unscrupulous, quite lethal. The world is multi-faceted Predator is always the most in-depth in this monthly series, able to make understand to the fans of the saga, how many, and what are the many species of yautja who live in the universe, and that come in contact with humans.

The section of the drawing used for this cycle, the narrative manages to be vibrant, detailed enough, and very dynamic. The rest of it is a story of pure action, in which the violence flows in rivers, but in which the splatter is not is the master. Even the rhythms of the narrative are crazy, and you get to the end of the story after the intense combat sequences.

To take a bit of a truce there is an epilogue dedicated to a small story, titled “Recipe Cajun”, which will take place in Louisiana, and in which the yautja are placed in a context that they like, where they can exploit their potential to the fullest of hunters, plunging into the waters of the swamps, almost as if they were alligators.

Are excellent also in the prefaces and afterwords of Francesco Tedeschi who is able to deepen and to introduce to the reader all those issues that are handled during the various comics stories.

In short, Saldapress is taking care of the detail in this monthly series of the Predator,which promises of intersection with the other monthly devoted to Alien, and which the united states arrive to form a single large science fiction universe that is able to offer action, horror, but also more narrative possibilities and thematic.

It's because the universe of the yautja is not made only of man-hunting, and blood. The Yautja, more of the xenomorfi, are beings that are multifaceted, capable of passing from species completely devoid of rationality, and ready only to attack, to other yautja, more conciliatory, even able to make friends with human beings.

The series of Predator is preparing for the crossover with the Alien called “the War of The three worlds”, in which men and women will be a sort of third wheel between xenomorfi and yautja.

And with a continuous swing action, violence, and stories as reflexive also to the monthly Predator is being characterized for the attention to all the facets of the narrative of these characters.

Saldapress are serving up carefully and with a good-quality publishing the stories of Predator made by Dark Horse, presenting in albi stapled by about fifty pages of comics for all kinds of readers of the genre, able to satisfy a wide range of tastes.

In short, it's worth reading the monthly magazine of the Predator, and also try to follow the head dedicated to the Alien, in order to test the creative quality of the stories is a narrative universe that the comics are exploring far and wide (which, unfortunately, is not happening on the big screen).

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