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Published on Aug 24, 2019


Returns the monthly Predator (here some of our reviews), and it is a story one-shot, really tasty, and with the start of a mini-narrative cycle that will be the prologue to a new crossover between Alien and Predator.

Introducing the album, the curators of Saldapress have wanted to pay homage to Claudio Castellini, the historic designer of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, which has made the history of the opening. “The Gold Demon” is an intriguing one-shot starring a young woman attacked by the nazis during the Second World War. The intervention of a Yautja will allow the young to learn that the soldiers were in search of an important treasure.

Since this is a story published in 1998, the Nineties style is note everything. But Castellini has been able to add to the dynamism of american comics, a certain definition of the forms and attention to detail of european style.

“The Gold Demon” is a good introduction to “Prey and Predators“, the first number of a mini-narrative cycle that will feature the Yautja in the war with the humans. The story will be the prologue to the crossover Alien vs. Predator: the war of The Three Worlds.

It is a free-for-all, advance by a clash that on the Earth, at the moment, concerns especially men and Yautja, which we will introduce in the territory of Graham Directive Security. The scenario then is that of a war field, a pure war-action in which the humans are ready to face what seems to be a third world war.

To enrich the texts by John Arcudi, there are the drawings of Javier Saltares, which uses a stretch in the middle between the realistic and the cartoonish. The plasticity of the characters and situations represented, and allows you to immerse full the player in a scenario of total war.

And then the colors of Wes Dzioba liven up making it even more alive the frantic moments of combat. Writer John Arcudi is focused on the action, sparing the preliminary stages introspective, in which the characters are more detailed.

The positive aspect of the stories starring the Yautja is the variety. The narrative often follows the plot from the struggle between hunter and prey (making sometimes difficult to distinguish who is who of the other).

But the intelligence of the Yautja (that, unlike the xenomorfi not only follow the instinct killer and reproductive systems) allows you to vary often on the theme, maybe reversing the role of alien predators, making them of deus ex machina in the background of a situation that does not involve them directly.

This is the case of the story “The Gold Demon“, in which the true enemy is represented by a group of Nazi soldiers, and where the Yautja resolve a difficult situation that she saw the boy protagonist, reduced to the predestined victim of homicidal madness of the germans.

In short, the stories of Predator have the great honor to offer a good variety to the narrative. The situations and the characters can repeat (most of the times the characters in the stories are the components of a military group), but the facets of the story, the role of the Yautja, the resolution narrative, the scenarios themselves, can change.

Not for the case, in fact, often the monthly magazine dedicated to the Predator, we have seen the Yautja placed in the historical contexts are very varied. Because Predator is a survival-horror, but it is capable of digging into stories and situations that are always intriguing.

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