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Published on Nov 02, 2019


What is Bad Blood? Talk about a mini-cycle narrative of 1993, related to the stories of the Predator, which presents the characters and situations intriguing, capable of carrying the stories of the yautja, in contexts in which we have more often seen set of stories to slasher movie.

And, in fact, Bad Blood is a story that seems to be the most suitable to Jason and the saga of Friday the 13th, rather than the Predator. But the strength of this character is also that of immersing themselves in a context, seemingly not suitable to create a story as intriguing and capable of enhancing the narrative elements of the basis of the Predator.

In the centre of Bad Blood there is in fact a wooded area of New Jersey called the Pine Barrens, in which there are many campers, and the inhabitants of the place who venture out among the trees. But, unfortunately for them, the yautja are inserted in that context, and try to satisfy their thirst for blood.

In particular, a yautja shows a particular nature, and pulls out her instincts predator for the mere pleasure of killing. It will be this way who will be born in the first Predator serial killer, a figure unheard of, and for which you will be called in because of the ex veterans of Vietnam, the CIA and the Fbi.

The context that you will create will be a story in half between Friday the 13th, X-Files and Predator. It is a gem, pulled out from the past editorial cartoon of the yautja, that deserved to be read by fans of the Italian character.

Evan Dorkin and Derek Thompson, Ande Parks, Chris Warner are the authors of called to perform this mini-saga, which, on a visual level, is in everything the daughter of his era. The drawings hypertrophied abound, but the bright colors, and at the same time conditioned by the strong presence of the chine, they can create the right atmosphere from the violent history, mysterious.

Stories such as Bad Blood, to testify that the past publishing of the yautja is full of little and big goodies are yet to recover. Dark Horse has generated in the decades stories very intriguing starring the yautja, and the monthly Saldapress dedicated to them is the best occasion to present them to the Italian readers.

In short, great stories of Predator, there are still has a lot to offer, and each of them is useful to note some facet in most of the yautja.

In fact, compared to the xenomorfi, which have as a characteristic predominant aggression that prevails over any other aspect, the Predator is much more multi-faceted. There are different breeds of yautja, each of which shows completely different characteristics.

So, in Bad Blood, we learn of the existence of a species, but even of a single yautja able to differentiate itself with respect to the other beings of their race. This shows that the facets of the Predator may change even within the same group, and to differentiate between the individual individuality.

All this opens new scenarios for fans of the Alien and Predator Universe, that already have been able to see the War of The Three Worlds, as the yautja are able to truly everything, even to subdue completely the xenomorfi to their service.

In short, stories of Predator is not as if it will never be enough.

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