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Published on Aug 29, 2018


Carnage and catharsis, are at the center of The Light Above, the tenth and last episode of the third season of Preacher, a show that for the fun of relentlessly tries to push boundaries, to provoke a little, angering the well-meaning the most sensitive.

The great thing about this series, sometimes the extraordinary is the simple fact that you go in the wave. Another extraordinary thing is the fact – not simple, nor much less obvious – go into the wave in times like these. The times in which indignation is the word order of every single day.

The Light Above is not an episode to perfect, and in fact is even lower than that of the previous two, but closes on a note more positive a third season is quite satisfactory (maybe not as much as the first, but certainly much more than the second), and offers to the viewers of the series Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg a worthy conclusion of the plots the current waiting to see what will happen in the next episodes.

Written and directed by Sam Catlin, the episode finally shows Jesse get his revenge: having regained the Voice of God can afford to go back to the end of the road with a sort of insurance policy that coprirgli the shoulders. The funny thing is that, after twenty years, the resentment accumulated, and they need to get rid of the leads to choose to use his powers to the minimum, giving way for the director to put the scene for a beautiful rendition of the accounts of the old style.

The death of Jody, however, is not as emotionally effective as it was supposed to be (the rest is the man who killed the father of Jesse, we had to hear it a bit more), since the character in the course of the season has been slightly neglected.It is a kind of forgetfulness of the series proves to be guilty more often: so many characters, but little time (or perhaps desire) to explore them all properly (another example would be the Saint of the Assassins, appeared very little in this third season, and which in this last episode we will try to give more space, putting it up against the Angel of Death and Satan in person).

Also the storyline between Cassidy and Eccario, one of you will find the most interesting parts of the previous episodes, it is brought to conclusion (and in the best way, probably), and the same thing happens with the story of the Tulip to Hell. The situation is quite nice if it is compared to that of Eugene: the guy believes that God has in reserve a special fate for him, that his suffering may have been part of a great design, but not only is it not so, indeed God does not even know who he is; on the contrary, God has big plans for Tulip, she has organized his machiavellian plans, but in a fun tipping the girl is not to be at all interested in the divine.

And finally, how to forget him, Herr Starr, who will draw Jesse in the stronghold of the Grail to deal with it once and for all. An entire organization against a man armed only with the Voice of God. According to you, how it will end?

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