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Published on Aug 20, 2018


If you thought that the Preacher could not go beyond the limits already achieved in the past, after seeing the new episode Schwanzkopf you will be forced to think again: the penultimate episode of the third season of the series created by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg in practice, this is an orgy of visual sequences, gruesome, disgusting and sacrilegious, courtesy of AMC.

Vials containing the immortal souls that slip by the sphincters of the Popes grotesque and guts that are used as nooses for the necks of the ruthless and cynical killers: it was not possible to imagine that a television series would never have got to show that level of graphic violence, at least not before this. Kevin Hooks, puts the insane screenplay by Gary Tieche with firmness and spasmodic hilarity, in an episode that sums up everything that happened in the previous episodes to prepare the public for the season finale due in seven days.

The series, from a couple of weeks, is moving on two fronts: the first is the Armageddon, courtesy of the secular machinations of the organisation of the Grail; the other one is obviously the end of the third season, courtesy of the machinations of the subplots started already at the time of the first. Both closures have necessarily need of hectolitres of blood to be able to accomplish, and according to the amount of guts spilled in the Schwanzkopf (not even The Walking Dead has never been so brutal) and the next episodes promises to be truly apocalyptic.

But there is only violence in the ninth episode of the third season of the show, AMC, although it is far from perfect, is still extremely lively and tremendously fun.

Among the weak points, certainly stands out the meeting between Tulip and Saint of Killers, fixed shots insults her against the fearsome villain: it is clear that the will of the showrunner of not falling again in the infinite loop of the intimate drama from post traumatic stress disorder that had characterized the narrative arc of the Tulip in the course of the previous season, but the banality with which it has been treated, the sequence is almost disconcerting (because of the many past emotional injuries suffered by the woman, the encounter with the Saint of Killers deserved more emphasis: in this way it seems that everything that Tulip has the past no accounts, nothing more).

The rest of the story of the character of Ruth Negga in this episode, however, is so full and hectic to finish even in the strong points of the episode, as well as the fascinating relationship vampire-homosexual between Eccario and Cassidy. And finally, Jesse Custer of Dominic Cooper back to the glories of the first series, with the reintegration of the Voice of God that opens different possibilities for the future.

Honorable mention, then, the Herr Starr, Pip Torrens, always able to steal the scene to colleagues when framed: jokes of the character are always razor-sharp and the austerity with which the actor recites is simply hilarious; the dialogue on the list of people you like (“The hipsters, the presbyterians, the trade unionists and the danes”) is among the most hilarious of the entire series.

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