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Published on Aug 13, 2018


A preacher, a vampire and a former thief desperately searching for God.

It is not the beginning of a joke but the premise of Preacher, the iconic tv series created by AMC, and developed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg: arrived (almost) at the end of its third season, the Preacher is fun (and is fun) to set up the end of the world, with the new unlikely pairs of characters involved to prevent it.

The new dynamics established by Jesse and Herr Starr of the one part, and Tulip and Lara Featherstone from the other work very well, with the two protagonists forced to team up with their enemies to combat a threat far more serious. One of the advantages of mixing in this way, the characters is to create not only the enthusiasm in the spectator, but, above all, the new dynamics of the narrative so far unexplored: Starr and Jesse, the chemistry is obvious (say that you love would be an understatement, and put them together is a winning move, both on paper and in practice); the relationship between Tulip and Featherstone instead we had already seen some development in the last season, and to see them work together on the serious in this episode was a nice reminder of the deception and deceit that the last year had shocked even more to the already lacerated emotions of the protagonist.

The storyline of the two a bad girl, additionally, it offers an interesting and smart tipping on the question of the very current of sexual harassment in the workplace. But it is fun to see how the two women try desperately to keep a veil of professionalism between a repetition and another: the situation is serious and the only way to sventarla is working, but the deep hatred that separates them is always there, and when he comes to manifest itself is truly exhilarating.

The third dynamic is the one between Cassidy and Eccario, even if here it happens the exact opposite, there is a division rather than a union, because their relationship has so far not been built on a pragmatic necessity (as others of which we have spoken above), but on lies. And the lies may soon be revealed.

The episode, overall, is a great improvement compared to last week, which, although fun showed remarkable defects of rhythm. The Tom/Brady, however, in addition to being a fun play on words on the famous player of the NFL, replaces the problems of the previous episode with touching moments and well-written. The screenplay, by Mary Laws, and Kevin Rosen, follows the three storylines of the protagonists, sharing in a very uniform between the three groups. the three charts work well together and the episode is divided fairly evenly between all three groups.

And in spite of much less action, the visual style of director Wayne Yip is still highly recognizable. Special mention, then, for the scene of the elevator, built in an impeccable way: we already know that Jesse manages to survive, but Yip develops the narrative within the action, with an emphasis on amazing and unforgettable. And well done also in the style of Ocean's Eleven, in the scene of the robbery in Osaka.

After realizing that the thirteen episodes are, frankly, too many for a season, the Preacher is back to the format of the ten episodes with which it had been molded in the first season, and the move seems to have been one of the winners. Expect to see the last two episodes, but now this third season could qualify as the best of the series.

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