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Published on Aug 06, 2018


In these times of childish respectability in which a tweet is able to decide the fate of a company in the billions, and in the present with a hello can turn into a complaint for harassment in the space of a moment, it's really difficult not to love a series like Preacher. That, with all its faults, its mistakes and its disorder, remains always faithful to himself and especially not holding back ever. Because he doesn't know how to do in the first place, and also because if it did affogherebbe in its own limits.

As a sort of equivalent to the television of the bus with Keanu Reeves in Speed, the series created by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg simply can't afford to go below a certain minimum threshold of exaggeration that serves as the foundation of the project, AMC: the standard that the public expects from the Preacher now is what the same Preacher has chosen for himself, and to date no other series has the guts to say the things that are being said here. Maybe not always are said in the way more satisfying, but this is another discussion.

And the new episode, Hitler is the perfect example.

We have a dictator, fallen and returned from the Hell that works in a sandwich shop. We have a guy with his face in the shape of a butt hole. We have a holy assassin, the aim of which is to assassinate. We have, in essence, a bunch of stuff that's elsewhere, not only does not exist, but is just unthinkable.

The problem is that in the script of Carla Ching these three elements are not tied up immediately, and Hitler, Eugene, and the Saint of Killers will disappear after the headlines. On 45 minutes the character who gives the name to the title of the episode is in that episode only for the first 5. And’ schizoid and senseless, but it already makes me laugh as well.

Another weak point is represented by Tulip. Indeed, not much to Tulip, but rather from the desire of the authors to want to remember in every single scene as Tulip is tough, smart and resourceful, the true incarnation of the MeToo and girl-power. Because at that point, when there is a need to show it insecure or difficult for a given reason – no matter what – then the viewer doesn't believe it, he feels his anxieties, he does not perceive his fears, and in fact, you already know that in some way he will manage, that will come to head.

The meeting between the Grail, Herr Starr and Gran'but at end of the road, instead it works, with Jesse that closes an unprecedented triumvirate designed to replace definitively what our preacher had started with his girlfriend, and Cassidy.

The vampire, however, that in the first few episodes of the season had been left slightly to the side, embodies the best part of the episode: the under-plot of Les Enfants du Sang is always the most daring and interesting, with the homosexual relationship between Cassidy and the eccentric Eccario which is a prelude to performed nothing short of sensational.

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