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Published on Jul 30, 2018


Right now in the cinema to home is programming in Ocean's Eight of Gary Ross, a new iteration of the saga heist created in 2001 by Steven Soderbergh with Ocean's Eleven, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are the structure of the sixth episode of the third season of the Preacher around a robbery. Yet, the sequence will be the backbone of the episode, that he has so much more to say.

In Les Enfants du Sang, probably the episode's most dense and successful of the new season of the series, AMC, the screenwriter Rachel Wagner fills the 45 minutes directed by Laura Belsey with topics the most diverse, from the tribulations of existential Eugene's reflections on the immortality of Cassidy the vampire. Preacher is not the first show that may come to mind when you think of the introspection or the study of character of a character, and yet this episode manages to perfectly frame the psychology of Cassidy and reflect on the hazards of one of the greatest desires of man, the eternal life.

In the case of our vampire toxic preferred, immortality means watching their loved ones grow old and die in an infinite loop and unbreakable of mourning and loss. The series knows very well that these reflections have already been made elsewhere – and if you want more in depth – but see Cassidy in the crack-house while singing the lullaby once sang to his son in a maternity ward is something that strikes you, something touching, and at the same time, disturbing as it is not usual.

So far, then, we'd seen interact with other members of his race. And Wagner could not do a better job in set him up in opposition to Eccario, the charismatic leader of the group of vampires, Les Enfants du Sang, played with velluta the perfection and elegance of Adam Croasdell. The two could not be more different, with Cassidy scruffy and rough and Eccario that is the emblem of sophistication: the leader in vampire want to show Cassidy what it means to reach the true potential of life by the vampire, and the relationship between the two is not only very funny, but is also handled in a believable and organic, and finally we can say that the move to remove Cassidy from the end of the road has paid off (especially in the relationship with Tulip: the scene of the phone call between the two is one of the key moments of the episode).

Another crucial point of the episode is the duel between Herr Starr and the Allfather: Pip Torrens and Jonny Coyne give their best in the sequence, and the direction of the Belsey stresses in an exemplary manner, all the steps more comical, focusing often on the reactions appalled Starr to the words of the superior. The assembly is used to enhance the comic effect, and the Torrens is an expert in reflecting the embarrassment of his character, bringing a dose of non-negligible vulnerability and humor to the far more rigid and inflexible Herr Starr.

The scene will remain hilarious even riguardandola more and more times, especially as the embarrassment of Starr is in contrast to the huge figure, disturbing, grotesque and intimidating the horrible and disgusting Allfather. The weight of which we hope will be felt in the upcoming episodes ... literally.

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