Preacher 3×05: “The Coffin” – Review


Published on Jul 23, 2018


The Coffin, the fifth episode of the third season of the Preacher, she really has all the hallmarks to be the episode perfect series created by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldber. What can become the emblem, the final example. Unfortunately, however, exactly the same as the four previous episodes, he alternates moments very inspired by sudden drops, and the ideas they never manage to blend in really to show something that defines the genre, or the sovverta.

Probably this swing of interest is imputed to the sub-plot of end of the road, and especially to the villain who populate it, who are not collecting the good that they sowed at the time of the premiere. On paper, Gran'but, Jody and T. C. are really bad, and then threatening, but in the course of the narration, the characters – including Jesse – it seems they are beginning to lose a bit of effectiveness, of stain, as if you attempted to prove what they are worth (i.e. how much they are bad, and threatening), but without success until the end. Only Tulip continues to prove they have a spine rigidly, but the show can't continue to stand solely on her (especially after the whole second season is rotated around its problems).

In the episode we will make the acquaintance of the leader of the Grail, Allfather Of Aronique, played by Jonny Coyne and huge (literally) quote at the horrifying, disgusting, and grotesque Mr Creosote of Monty Python and the Meaning of Life Terry Jones.

The coffin of the title appears very briefly, more briefly than the spirit of John Wayne in the original comic book by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon is a character essential for the development of the protagonist Jesse, that apart from a small quote of Tulip at the time of the first season in the tv series you never saw, and here comes a little bit out of time and deepens a comma, the character of Dominic Cooper, who we now know too well. Maybe it was better to leave the Duke where it was, especially if the intentions are to transform Jesse into MacGyver.

More fun (and promising) instead, the epilogue of the episode, with Cassidy that crosses his path with the sect of vampires known as Les Enfants du Sang. It is the same mysterious cult that Denis, the son of Cassidy, joined towards the end of last season: last year Denis was not exactly one of the more interesting characters of the series, but who knows, with a little more space to not be able to redeem himself.

Finally, special mention to Ruth Negga, who continues to shine in all of the scenes are dedicated to her. You do not understand, how did the old witch to sopraffarla – had not been stuck on a wheelchair for all the previous episodes? – but the scene change of a dress is so much fun to pathetic. The two actresses – even Betty Buckley is doing a great job – they seem to be very well in their duets, and the scene in which Gran'but challenge Tulip reminding her that she was, with her black magic to bring back to life the girl, is nothing short of a success.

Unfortunately, however, we can't say the same for any other sequence.

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