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Published on Dec 17, 2019


The last number was concluded, leaving us with a lot to metabolize. House of X 2 has introduced ex-novo the character of Moira MacTaggaret making us discover new and important details about his life and his past, which is closely related to that of the X-Men.

But now, the time has come to discover more on the future. The situation in the present is a mirror image of that view in the future of the mutants. A future visibly dystopian, ruined, where the mutants were reduced substantially, but they are no less determined to complete their mission. The one in the present was only a threat to the kind mutant, tomorrow you will turn in the evil absolute going to affect not only the kind of the mutant, but also all other forms of life, including the human race.

The latter appears to be enslaved and submissive before the power of the man-machine: Nimrod practice, such as the villain definitive, these continuous jumps forward in time. As a dictator, Nimrod, is unscrupulous, is the mutants and the humans with extreme superficiality, heedless of the effects of their own actions. Convinced that nobody is able to stop it, the machine is absolutely not interested in making the world or the universe a better place and to reach your purposes, it would even be willing to kill your own men. But it is precisely in this scenario that is dramatic, that the few surviving mutants will act, on entering in action in a world where they were always underestimated.

Ironically, the future scenario was wanted and was determined by the same man, by the actions that are taking place in the current present, and that will lead to a war that will not be the protagonist. In this regard, Hickman makes you think: when you see a new species, may occur in different scenarios, but if on the same planet there are two dominant species, it is possible only to a future, one in which one of the two is destined for extinction.

When you have almost reached the half of the story, Jonathan Hickman completes the picture with a missing piece of mosaic, still wrapped in the mystery: the future. What, then, is the link between the present and the future shown in these pages? This is another timeline? In these two chapters we find the expected response.

Every detail and all the clues left in the above numbers are in-depth, from a screenplay linear, which begins, slowly, to give more space to the characters without, however, neglecting the narrative that had been the master since the beginning of the relaunch.

For a mission of this size, the writer relies on the new mutants. A team of rebels led by the leadership of the Apocalypse, among which stands out the historical face of Wolverine, which is important to connect this apocalyptic future to the present. Time in which, in the light of the facts that occurred, Moira MacTaggaret will be able to take a more prominent role.

By doing so, the mutants of the future are marching in a real race to oblivion, acting as pawns expendable, but with the hope that the next time, their fate will be different.

In conclusion, the two numbers are fundamental, where as in the classic stories of the X-Men, the greatest power of the mutants is to transcend the substance of the same space and time.

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