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Published on Nov 26, 2019


The life of the mutants are in grave danger, will therefore be this their fate? Hate and war? What is certain is that their story is intrinsic to humanity, to the very history of man. But can you really close with the past?

The great history designed for the X-Men from Hickman begins to take shape with all of its facets. The revolution mutant now has a new name, and the latter responds to Moira after battle, run. Moira is a historical character of the X-Men, a scientist and ally of the team as well as the first love of Charles Xaviers, the young woman apparently was not a mutant. But in these stories, for the first time after many years, we came to know of his past and a surprising revelation about her role in the story is not long off.

A gift but mostly a curse, that of the born with the gene X. Probably, the persecution is the one thing that is certain of their future. Before the hatred of human behavior and try to change their own destiny is the only option to avoid wars, but in spite of all the efforts in the present, the mutants are meant to disappear from existence. What will be served to create a new home for mutants? Why show a future so terrible when in the present reigns, at least for the moment, peace. Surely, the shocking revelation related to the character of Moira will be the key to understanding what is happening in the world of the mutants. The writer leaves all the clues are more subtle, but in reality, how and in which way it is linked to these future events is still to understand.

What is certain is that this is not an alternate future, this is the terrible fate of the X-Men. Probably we will discover the truth later, in the meantime, these doubts fuel our desire to learn more.

Among the hands we have two comics really very intriguing. Once again, the writer shows that the history of the X-Men and mutants is strictly linked to that of humanity that incurs in the same error. The real protagonists are not only Charles Xavier, Magneto, or Moira X but the chorus is the real heart of the story. In this context, all the characters displayed have a big impact on the events.

Jonathan Hickman sets the scene for a story of gigantic proportions, which aims to reconstruct the world of the mutants from scratch. As never before the style as a novel writer had proved to be particularly suitable. The writer moves easily from one time to another, focusing on the narration of a history in harmony between the past, present and future that do not put only highlight the fiction but put in the foreground the emotions of the characters.

How many times have we dreamed of being able to remedy a past mistake? Moira is a character that is easy to relate to, despite the fall many times never to surrender.

The “X” in the title of the X-Men is not going to indicate Xavier or Magneto, but in this revival makes reference to Moira Kinross, and as pointed out by the same writer is used to indicate the number ten. In reference to this Hickman feeds big questions, the timeline of events has already been altered several times, probably we may find ourselves facing a complete reset of the history of the mutants. But this is not yet well defined.

In both the books the screenwriter is accompanied by two designers from the style is similar, and between the head and the other the change is almost imperceptible. Both the pencils by R. B. Silva that those of Pepe Larraz offer the excellent plates by adapting harmoniously to the complex screenplay of Hickman. Also the direction is perfect, giving importance to dialogues with beautiful close-ups on the faces of the characters and giving the right dynamism in the action scenes.

On the whole, the reading is smooth and noticeable, nothing to envy compared to a novel, especially for lovers of the fantasy genre. This relaunch turns out to be the perfect opportunity to approach you for the first time in the world of the X-Men, and given that we are only at the beginning of this cycle of stories, there is likely to be more revelations and twists.

These two stories have everything what a reader of sci-fi may wish, the time, the mutants, the man and the constant battle between good and evil. If the future of the mutants will not change the man will be destined to become extinct.


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