Potato, tomato, and bacon recipe not to be missed


Published on Jun 20, 2017


Among the quick and easy recipes are perfect there is always the pan of potato, tomato and bacon, a second dish or a single dish really tasty. It is one of the recipes suggested by The silver spoon, a recipe with the potatoes not to be missed. Maybe we could even try it in the summer to replace the tomato sauce with the slices of ripe tomatoes. A pan tasty to try out and serve hot or cold, it will be perfect. Among the many recipes with potatoes, this is one of the most simple and quick to make, you can replace the ham with bacon as well as changing the cheese provided between the ingredients. Here is the recipe to make potatoes, tomatoes, and bacon in the oven.

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Potatoes, tomatoes, and bacon in the oven

Ingredients: 3 big potatoes, 200 ml tomato sauce, 100 g of rolled bacon, 100 grams of white scamorza, salt, pepper, basil, butter, bread crumbs, olive oil, parmigiano reggiano

Preparation: wash the potatoes and bake them in a pot starting with cold water that let us climb, let us give the potatoes enough to hold and down. Peliamo the potatoes are still warm, let it cool and cut into thick slices of about 1 cm. In the baking-pan buttered and sprinkled with bread crumbs, make a layer of potatoes.
To part season the tomato sauce with olive oil, salt, pepper and distribuiamone a few tablespoons over the potatoes. Add the slices of bacon and then the grated cheese and the cheese in thin slices.

Continue with the layers starting from the potatoes until the ingredients. We conclude, however, with potatoes, tomato, scamorza cheese in slices and grated parmesan cheese.

Put it in the oven at 180° C is already achieved for about 30 minutes. The last 3 minutes with the grill to brown the top.

Remove from the oven and before serving, wait a few minutes and completes with fresh basil.





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