Postponement of a year for the new stadium of Los Angeles


Published on May 19, 2017


We italians are quite used to read delays and postponements when it comes to building sites and public works (but also private). The americans, however, are a little less, and yesterday he did definitely sensation the news of the postponement of a year of the inauguration of the new stadium that the Rams are building in Inglewood, on the site of the former hippodrome. If we then add that the motivation of this reference is... the rain, the picture is complete.

As explained by the COO of the Rams, Kevin Demoff, the construction company had planned, after a proper environmental study, no more than 30/35 days of rain a year, while between January and March, Los Angeles and Southern California have undergone showers for sixty days.

The project is expected to excavate up to a depth of about 30 metres to accommodate the ground game in the basement, as per the request of the Federal Aviation, having regard to the positioning of the stadium on one of the paths of the descent of the Los Angeles international airport, and during the torrential rains of the beginning of the year, the huge crater is filled up to contain five feet of water, with the obvious result of blocking up the drainage, any type of work.

Now the excavation is completed, but the delay of three months on the roadmap made you decide for a postponement of a year. Theoretically you would be able to rebuild a similar stage, maybe asking to the NFL to play the first games out of the house, but the original program was to usher in and test the stage with various musical events and sports already from the months of may/June of 2019.

The announcement of the postponement has caused a cascade effect on a number of fronts, because the stadium of the Rams is not only “the home of the Rams”. First of all, it is also the stage where they will play the Los Angeles Chargers, and the postponement will force the excess of the arrows to play another year in the small stadium where they would have to play only the stagiono 2017 and 2018. The Chargers, however, seem to be taking it well enough, at least officially, and have announced that a further season at the StubHub Center, which has the peculiar characteristic of being the stadium that brings the audience closer to the action in the entire NFL (and also the smallest, I might add...), it will solidify the bond between the fans and the team.

An additional year of cohabitation at the Coliseum with the Trojans of the University of Southern California, although provided for in the contract, not shall be very glad the front office of the USC, which in these days is expected to announce an agreement for the sale of the rights to the stadium name to United Airlines.

While the candidacy to host some events for the Olympics in 2024 (if will be assigned to Los Angeles) does not appear to be in danger, is to host the Super Bowl LV, expected in 2021, in the new stadium in Inglewood. Here we move on a soil delicate and on the interpretations of the written small contracts. The NFL, in fact, establishes that a new stadium cannot host a Super Bowl first to have hosted two full seasons, to give time to the insiders to take confidence with the system and to better plan the event.

What Demoff will ask the NFL is considering the fact that, by playing the Rams and Chargers in the same system, in practice, in a year the stadium will host games for two full seasons, being used every week for which the organization should have enough events to plan the Super Bowl to the better. The NFL has already informally indicated that it may consider the idea of a derogation, and the impression is that, on this topic, discussions are already quite advanced.

Another snag is represented by the question cards. The Rams have already sold a considerable number of priority on tickets for the new stadium. You have to understand how to manage the problem, but it seems not so obvious that we can simply postpone by a year the pre-emption.

Last, but not least, the Rams had started to die, which lasts for two years, with the NFL and Nike for the change of the currency and the complete rebranding of the franchise, to be ready in 2019, on the occasion of the inauguration of the new stadium.
Sincerely this seems to be the thing that worries less, because it means that the Rams can decide whether to renew everything in the 2019 or 2020, with the opening of the stadium, not the two things related to double-wire if not for a sense of time to give the feeling of open a new chapter in the history of the franchise.




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