Porto Valtravaglia reveals the only way to save our planet: renewable energy

Published on Jun 11, 2017

Was held on Friday, June 9, at 21, Porto Valtravaglia in the evening “Which energy for our future?” organized by different associations such as “Association Solaris”, ACLI Castelveccana, GIM, Land of Lake and the time Bank, which saw the intervention of the four speakers who have shown, from different points of view, new ways of energy supply for the future in local communities. Here's how it went. Porto Valtravaglia reveals the only way to save our planet: renewable energy. The first intervention of the evening was Fulvio Pheasants, director of Utopia21, that has explained the energy transition taking place in our planet, from the use of fossil fuels to the renewable. The main goal set by man, not to exceed 1.5 degrees of the system, does not seem to be so easy to respect because the man is doing the opposite of what it should do. In fact, to date, only 19% of the energy used is renewable (i.e. wind and solar), while 78% is still fossil fuel. Our system must be decarbonizzato by 2050 – a relatively short time – and for this, in the round of 10, maximum of 20 years, the “route” should be changed. However, a positive fact, there is: in the last two years, new energy investments have been for 56% of renewable sources. This is only the beginning of a path that includes, in perspective, the use of renewable energy for 100% of the energy requirement, i.e. a total coverage. So, from the sector of niche and limited, and that renewable energy should become the main source of energy, encroaching and expanding its horizons today. Also not to be forgotten is the huge market that can generate. At present the Country a model to follow is China, followed by India and the United States (even if they are now to assess what changes as a result of the decision of Trump's exit from the treaty of Paris). The word is then passed to Gianluca Ruggeri, professor of the University of Insubria of Varese, which clarified the emerging figure of the “prosumer”, a term that derives from the combination of producer + consumer): the role of individual citizens in the field of energy will become increasingly important. In this sense, were analyzed two cooperatives “RetEnergie” and “èNostra”, the first that produces and the second one, which sells electricity produced by plants fed by renewable sources with low environmental impact. RetEnergie is a network that, from its founding in December 2008, has now reached over 1100 members throughout Italy and is collecting more and more popular, especially in the triangle Piemonte-Lombardia-Liguria. It was then the turn of Gianfranco Malagola, coordinator of the Network of Solidarity Economy of the luino area “Lands of the Lake”, always engaged in the production of energy, local power by exploiting resources already present on the territory. His intervention was aimed to the elucidation of the reactivation in 2013, the micro hydroelectric plant of Rancio Valcuvia. The central, already active in 1924, was put out of use around 1950, and today he is in the channelling of the river Rancina across the country. The project is still in completion, because the completion of the rehabilitation is long, difficult and hampered by bureaucracy. Also the main problem that is encountered by the “Land of the Lake” has been to find funding. For this, it is understood that the awareness of the population, starting from small, was of the utmost importance, and so was made of a collaboration with the high School “V. Sereni” of Luino, in the context of the project school-to-work to give young people a concrete idea of the production and intelligent consumption of energy (surely the most effective of the many abstract discourses to them in the various conferences). Finally, the last speaker of the evening was Aldo Cattano, designer SkyPull, a wind turbine that represents the future of the wind farm. The principle on which it is based, is the exploitation of the wind at 400 meters of height, being less turbulent and more steady as the vehicle rising high into the sky, the form of the “8” and the solenoid connected to a generator, creates current. The unit, wide 17 meters and weighing about 2 tonnes, will be tested soon in Switzerland.

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