PoP iT Pal: get the sponge silicone with pimples fake to squeeze!

Published on Feb 14, 2018

Not pretend anything, we know that you are maniacs and masters of the ancient method of torture known as the squeezing of the pimples!

Already we see sitting on the sofa while watching your favourite TV series, turn towards your partner and find inviting pimples and blackheads on which accanirvi with your fingers, keen to extract vomitevole pus from the skin of your victim!

You take a bit disgusting, admit it! But the satisfaction that experience in the improvvisarvi novelli beauticians, mind-crap is really priceless.

Well, finally for you and especially for your innocent “guinea pigs”, was put on the market PoP en Pal, a small sponge in the silicone-filled pimples fake all from the squeeze, a new “disgusting” gadget that promises to keep you occupied and your fingers become bored by fidget spinner that you have already tired and that you have placed in the bottom of the drawer!

Its creator, Bill Pierce, had the idea while driving with his wife, who asked him:

Wouldn't it be nice if we could squeeze a pimple huge just like the ones you see on YouTube?

At that point Bill had the lighting, and the result of that epiphany was Pop iT in Pal, a small “sponge” in the medical silicone that has 15 holes (the pimples simulated) to squeeze to satisfy one of the pleasures most uncontrollable and disgusting.

Pop en Pal is on sale at $ 19.99 including shipping (even if we assume the thing is worth only for the american market) and the package also includes a vial of fake pus, even if the sponge seems to fill with of the true secretions of the fat from the skin.

The delivery of the sponge requires from six to nine weeks because, apparently, the gadget squeeze pimples is getting a unexpected success!

What do you think? Maybe it could be a gift idea for the upcoming Valentine's day! Please let us know with a comment below!

Source: Nerdist

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