Polo Ralph Lauren, the long journey to the opening of the first boutique in Europe

Published on Dec 02, 2015

We followed them for about a month, during a long journey we of GQ we have done with them. Giulio Berruti, Mariano di Vaio, Nicola De Divitiis, Giotto Calendoli, Filippo Fiora & Filippo Cirulli, their names are among the most clicked on the web for their ability to tell the story and anticipate the trends of fashion, which is why the historical brand Ralph Lauren, fifth essence of american style, he called them to himself to interpret with their own personal vision of the values and the styles of Polo Ralph Lauren. The reason for this? We have revealed from the beginning: theopening of the first boutique of Polo in Europe, more precisely in Rome. Where you are web influencers, parties, each from a different city Italian, on board of amazing vintage motorcycles made a stop all together. Theopening in grand style in the presence of the press, celebrieties and characters of the world of fashion and entertainment is culminated with an ad hoc event,that we have told you here.

And for those who missed some piece of the journey, or had even the pleasure of re-experience, is all told in the blog the Roads to Rome, where, through the words and beautiful images that we present anew in the gallery above - there innoltrerete to the wonderful world of Polo Ralph Lauren.


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