Political polls news, the voting intentions of Ixè resistant Alloy, 5-star growth


Published on Sep 04, 2019


Result for Bianca Berlinguer with #cartabianca September 3, 2019. And just in the first episode of the programme on Rai 3, he has spoken of the policy, as you can imagine, but also of surveys and voting intentions of the italians. A few hours after the agreement signed by the 5 star Movement, and PD after the vote on the platform Rousseau ( almost 80% of the voters agreed on the establishment of a new government) the presenter showed the latest survey data from Ixè, with those which would be September 3, the voting intentions of the italians. After an August rather eventful, what would happen now if you went to vote? Apparently, as was the case a few weeks ago, the League of Matteo Salvini remains in the head but it loses something compared to the pre-crisis. In particular, if it was still in the head, surpassing the 31% prior to the agreement between Maio and the PD, now lose a percentage, but they are small, tenths, that does not mean nearly anything.

Let's see those numbers with the latest news on survey data provided by Ixè for White Paper.

Here are the surveys provided by Ixè for White Paper ( the episode aired on September 3, 2019)

As you can see from the graph presented in the White Paper, the League of Salvini, compared to the European loses a few percentage points but still remains in the head. Today, if you went to vote would have the 30 % of the preferences of italians, that would be the first force to the Government.

The agreement between the 5 star Movement and the PD at the time seems to have borne fruit for both. Retrieves the 5 stars that the European had taken a sound drubbing, and dates of the PD. At the moment it remains clear, however, that if you had gone to vote, probably the Northern League, in coalition with Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia would have also won over 50% of the votes of the italians. One more reason for PD and 5 stars, of provide stability with a government that is long-lasting in the country.

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