Pokemon the Sword & the Shield: the two titles are designed for the portable mode of the Switch


Published on Apr 27, 2019


During the last Pokemon Direct, were announced by the President and CEO of the Pokemon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara and Junichi Masuda (the developer of the two titles for GAME FREAK) the two new titles in the main series, Pokemon, Sword & Pokemon Shield, which will arrive on the Switch at the end of 2019.

According to the words of the president of Nintendo, Close Furukawa, Shield & Sword to emphasize the portable mode of the console, unlike Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee, developed instead for the console-mode fixed. “Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu & Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee are designed to emphasize the fun of playing with the Nintendo Switch in TV mode, with a series of ad hoc commands. Pokemon Shield & Pokemon Sword instead were developed to emphasize instead the laptop mode of the console. We want these two titles can be enjoyed not only by fans of the historical franchise, but also from the new players” are the words of president Furukawa.

In addition to presenting, of course, a new region, and the eighth generation, the two titles will have substantial novelty with respect to the Interrelation, historical figures of all the titles Pokemon: as we learn from a tweet from Nintendo of America, the big stadiums seen in the trailer will actually be Gyms, managed no more Gym Leaders but from the Gym Masters. In addition to the obvious inspiration to the Football stadiums in England, it is not clear what are the actual new features, but if will be confirmed the expectations, you will surely be sensational.

Players will have the opportunity to explore the region of Barge, in a world where Pokemon and humans have learned to share, and that, in addition to rural spaces and landscapes, snow-capped, also has industrialized cities. Of course, the new region will offer us the opportunity to meet brand new Pokemon 8 generation, including, of course, the classic three starter: the Grass-type Grookey, the Fire Scorbunny and Water Sobble. “We are working to the most experienced Pokemon ever,” the words of Junichi Masuda.

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Pokemon the Sword & the Shield: the two titles are designed for the laptop mode and the Switch is




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