Pokémon: the Sun and the Moon – Zeraora in a video preview


Published on Dec 03, 2018


Recently, the series the Sun and the Moon has just published his latest episode, which ended with a small surprise. A preview of the 100th episode of the anime was shown to the fans, and marks the television debut of Zeraora. If you are ready to meet this monster of a pocket electric type, then watch the trailer below:

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As you can see above, the preview begins with Ash and Pikachu in a difficult situation: the two are in a cave and are forced to escape on foot. However, the things are solved with the arrival of Zeraora, and Pikachu is admired by the mythical creature. The pokémon feline is seen to challenge the pocket monster that was hunting for Ash, and it doesn't take long before Pikachu wants to participate.

Fans will know that this is a 100 episode marks the first television appearance of Zeraora, which has already had a movie debut In each of us.

Zeraora is a mythical pokémon type-Electric seventh-generation introduced in Pokémon Ultrasole and Ultraluna. The pokémon was revealed during the episode of 9 April 2018 of Oha Suta in a trailer In each of us.


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