Pokemon: The Great Adventure – announced the manga for the Sun & Moon


Published on Apr 12, 2018


Viz Media has announced the upcoming translation of the manga Pokemon dedicated to Sun & Moon, with of course the protagonist is the region of Alola.

The two main characters of the stories will be the Moon (a girl entrusted to deliver a special Pokemon to the Professor Kukui) and the Sun, a young trainer that you'll encounter in the girl's own doing battle against the evil members of Team Skull.

This cycle of stories is part of the complete series was recently published in Italy under the name of the Pokemon: The Great Adventure, published by J-POP.

The good news is that, therefore, the Italian fans will be able within a year to read the adventures of Sun and Moon, with the story currently stops at the Johto region (scheduled for this summer the release of their third dvd box set containing the 7, 8 and 9 volume containing the original chapter of the saga dedicated to Anime).

(via CB)

Pokemon: The Great Adventure – announced the manga for the Sun & the Moon is




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