Pokemon – the elite four in real life thanks to the P-Sports!


Published on Jan 13, 2018


While recently if they are talking about within the Olympic games in Paris in 2024) the category of eSports is ready to be enriched with a new game recently announced by The Pokemon Company.

Called the P-Sports, " the event consists in becoming the champion of the Pokémon League by beating the elite four, a group formed by the coaches stronger in each area (so, essentially, the same mode of challenge that every player has had to overcome once you have obtained the 8 medals in the games of the franchise. The participants can also exit and enter the centers Pokemon.

A short 35 seconds revealed the persons chosen for the prestigious role: it is the YouTuber japanese Hajime Shacho (with around 5.7 million subscribers on his channel), Hiroshi Yamamoto (one of the three of comedy, “Robert), Raibarori (a japanese player of the VGC) and a coach finished 3rd in the JCS2016.

The first episode of P-Sports: Aim to Be to Pokemon Master will be broadcast on Abata TV on January 24, at 8 p.m. japanese.

(via SN)


Pokemon – the elite four in real life thanks to the P-Sports! is




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