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Published on Feb 11, 2020


Sword and Shield is the new sensational expansion (and could not be otherwise, since the arrival of the two video games) TCG Pokemon that introduced substantial new features for the dynamics of the game itself, both for the arrival of the new Pokémon-V, and Pokémon-VMAX.

Before presenting, as usual, the most interesting of the new expansion, let us reflect for a moment on the changes to the regulations introduced with this expansion.

Starting from the 21st of February 2020 (the date on which the expansion, the Sword and the Shield becomes valid for the tournaments) the player who starts first cannot play Aid card during the first round, over which, as usual, to carry out attacks (rule introduced with the series: XY).

The rule was introduced to balance the dynamic of the game and not to favour too much the player who starts first, which already has a round to prepare its strategies and assign energies.

Impossible not to report, among the novelties of this expansion, the debut of the much-anticipated cards V and VMAX: as far as Pokémon-V, go to resume the role of the EX and GX, the granting of two awards once put K. O.

Pokémon-VMAX instead, with many PS, give the opponent three prizes (such as the Pokémon Allies) once put K. O., and will evolve directly to the respective Pokémon-V. Or V or VMAX have, at the moment, attacks the “special” such as those in GX.

With 210 PS, Lapras seems to ergesi between the protagonists of the next metagame: the first attack of Lapras-V allows you to assign an Energy from the hand (over the round), to speed up the use of the second attack, able to remove the 210 damage.

The situation becomes more interesting with Lapras-VMAX, able to remove with the attack Gigapompa, at a cost of three energies Colorless, 90 damage plus 30 more damage for each Water energy assigned to Lapras.

Not bad, considering the presence in the new set of Frosmoth, a Phase 1 which, with its Ability allows you to assign at will, and all the times you want to Water energy from the hand of the player. With Keldeo-V support,

That Snorlax is a Pokémon from the large tonnage we know that, and, in this case, the 340 PS they do that to confirm it: to make it palatable on the level of strategies, however, is his attack, and with three Colorless does 60 damage plus 30 more for each benched Pokémon.

With a bench full, therefore, would be 210 damage total: very many, a view of life that this Snorlax has supplied and the attack of Snorlax-V from which it evolves, which allows him to heal the same damage that inflicted to the opponent.

Surely the paper more waiting around the set, and not only because it depicts the legendary Pokémon Sword: we're talking about Zacian-V, which with the Skill Sword Indomitable can look at the top three cards of the deck, assign an energy to the Metal (if it is between these cards) to Zacian and take in hand the other cards.

Not only, therefore, offers the possibility to speed up the loading for the attack, but also to “freshen up” your hand by adding (without the use of Aids) additional cards.A huge potential therefore, also viewed the considerable damage that he inflicts with Baldalama.

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