Pokémon Sword & Shield: the trailer on the gym leaders, and new Pokémon


Published on Jul 08, 2019


The Pokémon Company has released a new trailer for Pokémon Sword & Shield, focused on the innovative combat in the Gym (the introduction of two new gym leaders, and the President of the Rose) and more new Pokémon in the region of the Barge.


Alcremie produces a cream that becomes more sweet and tasty when it is happy. The cakes made with this cream are always delicious, so much so that many of the award-winning pastry chefs aspire to have in their kitchens. When it is already under attack, it sprays a whipped cream sweet and fragrant that distracts or blinds temporarily the opponent, giving Alcremie time to escape. The cream that produces a relaxing effect is incredibly powerful, so much to lose in a moment the desire to fight to the opponents that they eat.


Yamper tends to be attracted by anything that moves quickly. Can chase people and Pokémon, or even jump to the position behind the vehicles! Yamper is equipped with an organ that generates electricity and is active when it runs. However, this Pokémon is not able to store the electricity that it produces, for this he is often seen to run around surrounded by sparks crackling.


Thanks to its red eye can light up dark places. Use the agglomeration of coal attached to the body as a wheel for moving easily inside of mines and caves. Does not seem to have problems even on the roads more bumpy. Up to a hundred years ago, each family of Barge had a Rolycoly in the house. The inhabitants of the region used the coal that detached itself from his body to cook and heat the home. Still Rolycoly is a Pokémon very useful to bring with you for outdoor activities! Rolycoly has the ability Vapormacchina, introduced in these games. If the Pokémon is hit by a move of type Fire or Water, its Speed increases a lot!


The metal of which his body is composed is incredibly durable and surprisingly lightweight: the Pokémon has a total weight of only 40 kg approx. This allows it to move with a certain agility in spite of appearances. Unfortunately, however, his body is subject to corrosion and is known to rust easily. He lives in the caves and in mountainous areas. The upper limbs have a slightly different shape from each other, and the Pokémon use them to grind rock surfaces in search of food. It shares the habitat with Tyranitar, so these two Pokémon are often seen fighting among the mountains of the Barge.

In the trailer, this also Rose, president of the Pokémon League of the Barge, as well as a vast conglomerate of companies. It is he who has made the Pokémon League of the Barge is famous all over the world performing Gyms where it is possible to activate the phenomenon Dynamax.

These, however, the two new gym leaders have been presented:


Fabia is a prodigy of karate Barge, the heir of traditions and techniques centuries old, as well as an expert-type Pokémon Fight! Is known for his character as stoic and rarely reveals his emotions. Even in desperate situations, always keeps fighting style rigorous.


This Trainer specialized talent in Pokémon-type Spectrum has become a Trainer despite his young age. It is extremely shy and timid. When it is in the midst of people, he always wears a mask which hides the face. It rarely shows in public and is said to throw a large part of his time among the ancient ruins and cemeteries.

Pokémon Sword & Shield will be available for Nintendo's Switch from the 15th of November.

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