Pokémon Sword & Shield: the new trailer focused on the fight


Published on Aug 17, 2019


The Pokémon World Championships, in addition to being a great competition, are events that allow you to a lot of PokéManiaci to meet together in the name of their great passion: what better occasion, therefore, for The Pokémon Company, to publish a new trailer for Pokémon Sword & Shield, focused on the news about the struggles?

Many additions, as shown by the trailer, compared to the previous titles, thanks to the phenomenon Dynamax, the Pokémon not only become giants, but also a lot more powerful. Dynamaxizzare their Pokémon can be decisive for the fate of the struggle! The moves Dynamax can be used only by Pokémon Dynamax, and as well as being far more powerful than standard moves, have no side effects surprising. Dynaflusso, a move Dynamax Water-type, for example, changing the weather, causing rain; Dynapugno, a move Dynamax type Fight, increases the Attack of those who use it, and of all his allies. Even if the opponent tries to defend himself with a move like Protect, the move Dynamax is a sign causing a bit of damage! All of the moves that was used by a Pokémon Dynamax turn into Dynabarriera, which can also protect from other moves Dynamax.

In Pokémon, the Sword, and Pokémon Shield added new skills: one of these is the Gas Reagent of the Weezing of the Barge, which neutralizes the effects of the ability of the opponents, and also prevents you from triggering other abilities. Among the new tools, however, we find Distorservizio and Zainofuga, which can be used in combination with certain moves to give you a certain advantage: if a Pokémon has with him Distorservizio when it is activated, move Distortozona, its Speed decreases, while if he Zainofuga, it is automatically replaced as soon as its stats are decreased, giving you the ability to send into the field another Pokémon on your team!

In the Fights Competitive, you can challenge Trainers around the world with their Team personal Struggle, with the aim of becoming the Coach or the Coach world's strongest! In this mode, you will be assigned a grade to each player, indicating her level of skill, and may increase or decrease according to the results of the struggles. The Coaches addressed will be, of course, a similar degree to the challenger.

The degrees of the Fights Competitive match certain classes. Coaches who reach the highest class you will face Struggles, Competitive, really intense. When competing at the highest levels,the player can check his rank in the Stadium Fight. And to get to know the ranking of the participants of a certain race or that of the Pokémon are used the most, you just have to download the mobile version of the Pokémon HOME. At the end of each season Struggles to compete, the degree will decrease a bit before being brought back into the new season.

It is also possible to fight online without having to worry about the score, simply by participating in the Struggles Friendly, which can also be used for the Legendary! The Online Races are divided into official and private: the former can be organised (with rules) from any players, while in the latter, they will have to compete for a spot in the rankings by challenging other Coaches, in the struggles that are bound to various rules and restrictions. Some competitions may also offer the opportunity to participate in the World Championships of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, in case you achieved a good result.

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