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Published on Aug 12, 2019


The sun and the Moon – Harmony of mind is the new clever expansion (the last for the series, Sun and Moon, in view of the arrival of the Sword and Shield) TCG Pokemon that, in addition to present, as usual, new GX and Supporter of support for your deck, continues to present the Pokemon – GX Allies, special cards, comprising two Pokémon (both in name and image) that will offer to all players the possibility to enrich the decks competitive already in use, or, in some cases, create new ones for the new strategies offered.

To balance the high number of PS, definitely one of the strengths of these cards, is the fact of having to grant well 3 prize cards to the opponent (one more than the normal GX, and two more than the Pokemon “normal”) after the K. O. let's Discover together the new cards, and the new combinations possible, and very rich in this new expansion. Before you start, remember the appointment with the Pokémon World Championships (from 16th to 18th August in Washington D. C.) with Harmony Mental legal.

Among the most interesting there is definitely Mewtwo and Mew-GX: no normal attack, but the skill Perfection allows this paper to use the attacks of any Pokémon-GX or Pokémon-EX on your bench or in your discard pile, except for having the cards necessary Energy for the attack. In this way, you can face the opponent with the same attack, but avoid exposing yourself to a possible weakness of the GX or the FORMER holder of the attack,or even better, double the damage of the attack by exploiting any advantage of the psychic-type Mewtwo and Mew-GX. The paper is a true wildcard, with the ability to put it in all the decks competitive. The attack GX also allows you to treat your Pokémon by the damage, if Mewtwo and Mew-GX has an energy more than the normal cost of the attack: 200 damage are the icing on the cake of a move during the game, could be the decisive factor and change the fate of the entire match.

How to cope with the many Pokémon-GX (including Mewtwo and Mew-GX) present in the main decks competitive current? The ability of a Pure Heart of Keldeo-GX offers a solution: the card is in fact immune from the effects of attacks (including damage) inflicted by GX or EX. The attack Wall of sound, at the cost of two Water Energy and a Colorless, deals 110 damage and bypasses defensive strategies (including the ability to be Pure of Heart) because it is not influenced by effects on the defending Pokémon. Also the attack GX, Blade, and Resolute (the same cost of Energy of the previous) could be very useful in the course of the game, considering the 50 damage to the active for each Pokémon in the bench of the opponent.

Mawile-GX, with the combination of Skills and attack, and offers an excellent strategy to inflict a large number of damage to your opponent: by putting the card from your hand to the bench, in fact, it will be possible, thanks to the Skill Wink of magical, to see the opponent's cards and make them put the choice of the Pokémon from the hand to the bench. Than to occupy spaces, potentially useful to the opponent, the move helps to inflict more damage with a Bite Shrewd: with two Energies, the damage is equal to 10 + 30 for each Pokémon in the bench of the opponent, to a maximum of 160 damage. Also the attack GX can disturb the strategies of the opponent, offering the possibility to discard all the cards Help present in the opponent's hand.

In a bunch of Psycho, the ability Jirachi-GX offers a great opportunity for the defensive area: the Area of Psychic cancel all the weaknesses of the Pokémon Psycho, and unfortunately also of those of the opponent. The attack Research of stars is useful for preparing their Pokémon to attack, allowing you to search for an Energy card Psycho and assign it to one of your Pokémon of that type.

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