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Published on Nov 13, 2019


Sun and Moon – the Eclipses, Cosmic is a beautiful new expansion (the last for the series, Sun and Moon, in view of the arrival of the Sword and Shield) TCG Pokemon that, in addition to present, as usual, the new GX-team support for your deck and the Pokemon – GX Allies, to devote a large space to the trainers of the Pokémon world.

Not only in the beautiful artwork of the cards in GX and in the special cards special designs, but also in the Coach allies, cards that offer a double support to the player, offering a double effect, with the second obtainable only materializing previously the first present on the card itself.

The beauty of the artwork is without a doubt one of the many strengths of this expansion, which, as said, it will be the last before the arrival of the Sword & Shield, and the new cards V; the custom-built, still devoted to the relationship between Pokémon and Trainer, are among the most beautiful of the last years.

In addition to the beauty, however, the cards of the Eclipse Cosmic are equipped with a large potential with regard to the competitive game. Let's explore together the best GX of the expansion, and the role it will occupy in the metagame.

It is definitely one of the cards most anticipated by all the players: to play, along with a Reshiram and Charizard GX or in a deck totally dedicated to him, these two Pokémon Fire promise to be protagonists in the long of the competitive game.

The attack Blaze Bright, at a cost of three energies Fire and a Colorless, allows you to inflict 180 damages, and search in your deck for three cards of your choice. This allows the player to choose from your deck of cards useful for treating the Pokémon, or maybe to discard cards to your opponent from the hand or rimischiare this in the deck.

And to “load” their Pokémon in the game, here comes in to help the attack GX Wake of Fire Red that allows you to assign at will five energies Fire from the discard pile by requiring a single Focus; if the Pokémon had two, the active Pokémon the opponent is burned and confused.

These two Pokémon, so “cute”, they become together for this card are potentially devastating: the first attack, Balloon Jumping, does 60 more damage for each Pokémon GX, and Pokémon EX in the game of the opponent.

Considering the structure of most decks that are competitive in the format, the ability to inflict a huge amount of damage (especially against the deck, Pikachu, and Zekrom, GX) is around the corner.

As Charizard and Braixen GX, even Arceus, Diagla, and Palkia GX offers the possibility to the players to play a new deck: the attack on the Final Radius, at the cost of a Water, a Metal and a Colorless, deals 150 damage and the ability to assign up to three basic Energy cards from your deck to your Pokémon.

The attack GX Creating Altered is definitely what makes this paper so interesting: the price of a single Metal, the attacks of your Pokémon, you deal 30 more damage to the opponent's active.

If Arceus, Diagla, and Palkia GX also has a Water Energy it is assigned, the player may take a prize card once put K. O. an opponent's Pokémon. Against a deck full of Allies, would, however, make two K. O., but a prize for the most fish could make the difference should you decide to put K. O. a GX opponent.

All of the players, before becoming experienced and competitive, they have learned the dynamics of the base of the Pokémon Trading Card Game: to come to the meetings to the less experienced, here is packaged also for this expansion, two theme decks to use for a first and fun approach to the game.



Remember that the next Pokémon World Championships (both TCG and the VGC) will take place for the first time in Europe, in London: all the more reason, therefore, to play and to win to qualify!

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