Pokemon Sun and Moon: Invasion of the Scarlet – the best strategies of the new expansion pack | Review


Published on Nov 13, 2017


Expansion Pokemon Sun and the Moon: Invasion of the Scarlet introduces Trading Card Game, the Ultracreature with the Guzzlord, Kartana, and Buzzwole ready to begin their assault in the form of powerful cards GX! In opposition to their Silvally, also in the form GX, ready to defend the islands of Alola.


PS 210

weaknesses: rock (x2)

strength: //

withdrawn: [I][I]

Skills: Gyro Unit

Your Pokemon Based on the game have no retreat cost

[I][I][I] Module Turbo 120

Assign to one of your Pokemon on the bench for a basic Energy card from your discard pile

[I][I][I] Rebellious GX 50x

This attack does 50 damage to every Pokemon of your opponent's benched

But which are the best cards to be introduced in competitive play? In addition to Buzzwole GX, very interesting is Exeggutor GX: the attack on the Head of the Tropical deals to one of your opponent's Pokémon of your choice for an amount of damages theoretically unlimited, the number of energy attached to them just to Exeggutor GX. Among other things, Exeggutor of Alola-GX is also able to help the entire team with Girotondo Tall-GX, which not only deals 180 damage, but it also allows you to move the Energies between your Pokémon as you like. In combination with some of the previous cards (such as Lurantis GX, this card can prove very useful to hit your opponent's bench while he has an active Pokemon with a high retreat, put in that position, perhaps by the use of Guzman.

And if you want to learn the basic rules of the game and practice, this new expansion offers two theme decks-ready-to-use!

Theme deck Fangs of Deadly

Hydreigon has a whole arsenal of weapons made of fangs, claws, and poisons! This fearsome deck call to arms Darkness-type Pokémon and Psychic out of pure instinct and fury unleashed. Subjects the power of bestial theme deck with the Fangs and Deadly!

Below is the list of 60 cards:

Theme deck Thunder Rumbling

Kommo-or falls in the field between the noises deafening! With this fanfare Pokémon-type Fighting and Lightning sbaraglierai everything and everyone with shots from the power unheard of! Raises the tone with the theme deck, Thunder Rumbling, and go to full volume!

Below, the list, flashback 60 cards:

The teabags in the Sun and the Moon: Invasion of the Scarlet are available in the kiosk and in the best shops.

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