Pokemon Sun and Moon – Game Team comes to the GX-Allies


Published on Feb 08, 2019


The sun and the Moon – the Game of Team is the new overwhelming TCG Pokemon that, in addition to present, as usual, the new GX cards, Star Prism, and Supporters support for your deck, is the debut of the new Pokemon – GX Allies, special cards, comprising two Pokemon (both in name and image) that will offer to all players the possibility to enrich the decks competitive already in use, or, in some cases, create new ones.

To balance the high number of PS, definitely one of the strengths of these cards, is the fact of having to grant well 3 prize cards to the opponent (one more than the normal GX, and two more than the Pokemon “normal”) after the K. O.

We analyze together all the best cards of this new and rich expansion of the Sun and the Moon!


With 240 PS, Zekrom, and Pikachu – GX ALLIES promise to battle on the field of play, also thanks to the attack the Total Charge it can inflict 150 damage to your opponent. The cost of the attack, the three energies are electric, can be reached both by the attack itself (which allows the assignment of three energies, electro, you search from the deck, to one of your Pokemon, so you immediately in case of need a second Zekrom & Pikachu - GX ALLIES ready for the field) in the Tapu Koko Star Prism, which with the Dancing skills of the Ancients (at the cost of end up immediately in the lost zone) allows you to assign two Pokemon an electromagnetic energy each from the discard pile.

This is a possible deck (composed of course by other cards of the expansions), suggested from the official website Pokemon:

Pokémon (17)

Trainer (30)

Energies (13)

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Game Team comes to the GX-Allies is




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