Pokemon Sun & Moon: a new rival for Ash in the new season


Published on Sep 19, 2018


As reported by Serebii, there will be many novelties for the new episodes of Pokemon Sun & Moon: in addition to the return of Misty and Brock, and the addition of a new Eevee in the Pokemon of the group of the protagonists, will be finally introduced the rival of Alola Ash, Hau, together with a Dartrix.

Serebii Update: New elements shown for the Pokémon Sun & Moon souls. New Eevee in the group and Brock & Misty return. Details being added @

— (@SerebiiNet) September 13, 2018

In video games, as we all know, the character is the rival, but an ally) of the protagonist: happy and carefree, but also skilled in many hope can play a key role in the development of the plot of the new season, also considered the importance of Hau in the series in video games. A simple introduction (or a cameo like Misty, and Brock) would certainly be disappointed fans, who love the joy of Hau, and they are convinced that, with his personality, could add something to the wacky adventures of Ash & Co. to Alola.

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Pokemon Sun & Moon: a new rival for Ash in the new season is




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