Pokémon: in Mcdonald's the japanese arriving the McFlurry taste the broccoli!

Published on Jul 08, 2017

The famous dessert of Mc Donlad's, and Pokémon unite to give life to new flavours, each inspired by a famous monster. Of course there is the usual giapponesata!

On the occasion of the release of the Japanese of the twentieth animated feature length film dedicated to Pokémon called Pikachu, I choose you!, the Mcdonald's of the rising sun have launched a new initiative that provides for the marketing of 6 new flavors of McFlurry inspired by some of Pokémon's most famous and beloved, of course, besides a line of gadgets that will be on the gift by buying the Happy Meal.

The joint initiative of Mcdonald's Japan and The Pokémon Company is starting from a distance, with the launch of a vote to the sound of retweets on Twitter to be able to choose your six favorite Pokémon from the public, and to which it would be associated with a McFlurry in a limited edition.

Predictably, the race saw the lead Pikachu following the surprise Gengar that has preceded, in order, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Jigglypuff.

The beautiful, or the good (more or less) came after that, when you are designed to the tastes for each of the six finalists: if Pikachu is transformed into an ice-cream yellow banana with chocolate, Jigglypuff has gotten a taste of the white peach and Squirtle has become a sweet taste of ramune working Soda (soft drink in japan that is similar to the Sprite) for the other Pokémon, the association has been much more particular.

The ranking of the tastes of the most absurd of this promotional initiative, sees the third place, the fiery Charmander, which was combined with the taste of the habanero, and chili, very spicy; in the second place we find the Mc Flurry Gengar to the taste of purple potatoes, while the poor Bulbasaur wins this ranking of “disgust” with a hair-raising ice-cream with the flavour of broccoli, a combination of culinary, even the most absurd of the bread to taste a watermelon, which we told you about just yesterday!

We do not know if this initiative will be exported also in the Mc Donald's outside of Japan, but if so, why not give the mistreated Pokémon Seed, and to our palates and less “refined” than those in japan a refreshing and common taste mint?

What do you think? You be able to eat ice cream that knows broccoli? Please let us know with a comment below!

Source: Rocketnews24

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