Pokemon: I Choose you!, posted the trailer, and the info on the distribution of the Pikachu's memorial!


Published on Sep 08, 2017


After the trailer English Pokemon: I Choose you!, The Pokemon Company has finally released the Italian version revealing all the details on the distribution of the special Pikachu commemorative! Get in the Sun and the Moon, the iconic face of the franchise will wear the traditional cap of Ash and will be available in six versions, one for each region visited by the coach the protagonist of the anime.

To get the code to unlock the Pikachu just log in, in the days following, on the official website Pokemon:

19/9/2017 – 25/9/2017: Cap Original (Kanto and Johto)

26/9/2017 – 2/10/2017: Cap Anime

3/10/2017 – 9/10/2017: Cap Sinnoh

10/10/2017 – 16/10/2017: Cap Unova

17/10/2017 – 23/10/2017: Cap Kalos

24/10/2017 – 30/10/2017: Cap Alola

Also, watching the film you will get an additional code, this time valid for Pokemon Ultrasole and Ultraluna to unlock the Pikachu wearing the hat of Ash seen in the film itself. In homage also a special card commemorating! What are you waiting for? Stay tuned on the Fathom Events to get all the info on how and when to book the ticket and on sale participating in the initiative!

Pokémon the movie: I Choose you! it is a hymn to the history of the series and tells the story in key revisited the first meeting of Ash and Pikachu, the birth of their friendship and their first adventure in the world of Pokémon: the search for the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh. In the course of their journey, our heroes will encounter familiar faces and characters and timeless as the Coaches Sami and Amina and nature, even in an enigmatic new Pokémon: the Pokémon mysterious Marshadow. This film is at the same time a perfect launch platform for fans of Pokémon to the first weapons, and a fun way for those long-time to relive a famous story in a modern key.

(via Pokemon)

Pokemon: I Choose you!, posted the trailer, and the info on the distribution of the Pikachu's memorial! is




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