Pokemon GO: the new invention of the “grandfather” who play with more phones


Published on Nov 08, 2018


We already talked about the cute lord, by multiple accounts, that he had made a bike specially equipped for play Pokemon GO with ten and more devices. Well, Chen San-Yuan, known by everyone as “grandpa Pokemon” (because of his love for the franchise, evidenced by a large collection of objects and themes) is back to talk about itself with a new “invention” to play with peace of mind with multiple accounts: abandoned bike, this time it is with a sort of “lectern” laptop, from which branch off the various phones. To see more of the fantastic found, please refer to the photos to Twitter:

Hi, yes, hello. I need to find this man and give him a hug. Please and thank you.

— Liana 'LiLi' Ruppert (@DirtyEffinHippy) November 7, 2018

Living his best life!

“his favorite Pokémon is Snorlax, and he doesn't like to assault gyms because it makes other players feel bad.”

— Chris Dinan (@Chris_Dinan) November 7, 2018

The invention, which can definitely make you smile, however, shows all the love a fan feels for the franchise of Pokemon, as well as the wonderful community (close, often friendship) around it. Recapture them all again, Chen!

(via WWG)

Pokemon GO: the new invention of the “grandfather” who play with more phones is




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