Pokémon Go: revealed, officially, the legendary pokémon!

Published on Jul 20, 2017

Niantic officially announces the arrival of the Legendary for the app Pokémon Go. Fuck together how to catch them!

The celebrations for the birthday of Pokémon Go continue with the gift most awaited by all fans of the game. Niantic has officially announced the arrival of the Legendary Pokémon!

It was a great news for all players of the app waiting for a long time and was already in the air, following the last few updates of the game. The Gyms are, in fact, changed and now coaches can participate in the new Raid Battle, who, as already we announced that we, also provides the opportunity to find the mysterious Eggs Legendary.

Now we have the official confirmation that the Legendary Pokémon can be found by using the Raid Battle. Here's the video that accompanies the official press release:

On the 22nd of July will be held in Chicago the Pokémon Go Fest, a special event organized to celebrate the first birthday of the game. On the occasion of the event, along with many other similar events around the world and also in Europe, the Coaches will participate in a number of Challenge-themed Pokémon, and unlock in-game bonuses. If in the day you will be caught enough Pokémon, while the Pokémon Go Fest will be revealed the first Legendary Grant Park. From that moment on, the Legendary revealed will appear as a Boss in the Raid Battle all over the world.

We can't wait to follow the Pokémon Go Fest not to miss the announcement of the first "Legendary" Pokémon, Go!

Coaches, do not take commitments for the 22 July, because now is the time to capture the Leggedari!

Source: NianticLabs

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