Pokémon Go: new customs to celebrate Ultrasole and Ultraluna

Published on Nov 15, 2017

New item for the Pokémon Go: the application is colored tones, to the tropical region of Alola!

On arrival an anomalous wave of the summer for all Coaches!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Pokémon Ultrasole and Pokémon Ultraluna, Niantic has up-to-date Pokémon Go with the fantastic exclusive content.

Are now available free of charge the new clothing inspired by the region of Alola: hats and dresses to wear to your avatar. An exchange of decidedly summer look, and in line with the arrival of Ultrasole and Ultraluna for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS, available from the 17th of November.

Niantic confirms its constant commitment on the Pokémon Go, after the amazing Halloween event that has led to the introduction of the Third Generation on the app.

But, as well as Pokémon Go, this is a time of important news for the producer in california: just a few days ago was given the news of the beginning of the works for Harry Potter Wizards United, the video game in augmented reality for mobile devices that will be made in a manner similar to Pokémon Go, and the project will be curated by Niantic, in collaboration with Warner Bros.

You are then ready to wear your Trainers a lot of new clothes? Let us know what you think!

Source: NianticLabs

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