Pokémon GO: how to install it also in Italy on your iPhone and iPad | Guide


Published on Jul 07, 2016


Pokémon GO is currently only available in the App Store in Australia and New Zealand. In spite of this we will find out how to install it on any iPhone or iPad, even in Italy, by following our simple guide.

To be able to install Pokémon GO in Italy, we need an Apple account with a right of residence in Australia or New Zealand. To create it we will use our iOS device. Users with a device jailbroken will need to follow additional steps to “unlock” the game once it is installed, as it tends to hang at startup.

If you do not want to complicate things too much for the installation of this game, you should know that Pokémon GO will be arriving in the App Store around the world between just a few days, more precisely on July 15.

We begin with our guide, designed for all iOS devices, without the need of jailbreak:


All here. With these 5 simple steps you can start Pokémon GO in Italy, from any iOS device. All game progress will not be lost to the official release of Pokémon GO, as you will still be synchronized on the server. Therefore, you can start your adventure from the Pokémon trainer today.

Users with a jailbroken device you need to follow these additional steps to ensure the functioning of the application:

We want to point out that in these days the game is having some problem with the server, so it is normal if the application crashes or does not load your data. These are temporary errors that will be resolved as soon as possible.




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