Pokémon Go: here is the list of all Pokémon Shiny, and how to find them!

Published on Feb 16, 2018

Pokémon Shiny have always been very sought-after in the Pokémon games devices Nintendo, and this is no exception even the app Pokémon Go!

As many Coaches know, Niantic has begun to introduce for several months the possibility of also be found on the Pokémon Go to the Pokémon Shiny.

How many we can find? They are linked to spawn? We try to do a little more clarity!

Pokémon Shiny on the app Niantic can be caught by the Coaches of all levels. It is not possible to check if the Pokémon you want to capture is a Shiny or not, the only way is to click on the Pokémon you encounter and see if there is color variation in the screen of the meeting.

Currently it is not possible to obtain all the Pokémon Shiny because they have been released to a limited number. The tendency of the Niantic seems to be the one to launch one or two Pokémon Shiny for the event. Is what just happened on the occasion of the mini event (only three days) of the Lunar new year, which will end tomorrow, thanks to which they have been introduced Poochyena and Mightyena Shiny.

Below, here is a list of Pokémon currently available in the variant Shiny on Pokémon Go. Between parentheses is indicated the way in which it is possible to catch them, in fact, not all of them can be found in the Wild, some only in the Raid, the other for Evolution.

In short, we just have to wait what the Shiny will be introduced at the next event!

How many Pokémon Shiny you have found? I hope you were more lucky me! Let us know your with a comment!

Source: PokémonGoHUb

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