Pokémon: Disney censorship of an episode in the USA


Published on Jul 18, 2018


The anime of Pokémon aired in the United States in delay of about four months compared to the transmissions of the japanese. Thanks to this Polygon has discovered that the episode Satoshi and Nagetsukesaru! Touchdown for the friendship!! (or Ash and Passimian if you are accustomed to the names from the western world) will be skipped in the TV broadcast in the United States. The episode, the 1005 anniversary of the japanese, was broadcast in Japan in march and would have appeared in the United States at the beginning of August.

passimian!! I like the colors. idk if i ever caught one in my sumo game but i should play it again

— 🥀 (@blakebelladonna) July 8, 2018

The reason for the cut seems to be linked to the Pokémon Nagetsukesaru/Passimian, a Pokémon with a design similar to a monkey (Saru is the japanese word for “monkey”).

I know it looks like Means that is skipping the Passimian episode...and I can uh....understand why

— JPRPokeTrainer98 (@JPRPT98) July 4, 2018

The episode is centered on Ash and makes friends with a Passimian and assists him in a race to determine the leader of a pack. As part of the process, Ash dresses up as one of the creatures, to be utterly absorbed into the face to get the same colors of a Passimian.

Banning the Passimian episode of SunMoon for "blackface" seems pretty ridiculous to me. Ash dresses up as what is basically an actual monkey. Which is pretty different than, you know, a person???

— Riolu (@TheRiolu_) July 10, 2018

The premise for the cut on Disney XD is probably the scene with Ash, may be interpreted as a form of blackface, and in this way offensive to viewers are african-american.

The episode has nothing racist going mr Ash dresses up to be apart of the Passimian and help them. People are way too sensitive these days pff. It was a good episode too

— Robin 🌴 (@xCookieDough_) July 10, 2018

At the same time, a number of fans did, however, hear his voice, to criticize this choice, but at the moment it is not known if the episode will be completely cut off or if it will be only changed.

In Italy, the anime airs on Disney XD and K2.

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