Pokémon Direct: a new Pokémon, news and release date of the Sword & Shield


Published on Jun 05, 2019


During the Pokémon Direct today, Nintendo has announced all the news related to Pokémon, Sword & Shield, the next two titles of the saga the main, for the first time, landed on the console fixed (that is, the Nintendo Switch). The date of release of the two titles has been fixed in the usual autumn period, specifically on November 15.

The first substantial novelty of the two games is the introduction of the phenomenon of Dynamax, which in some areas of the region of Galavar I'll take the Pokémon to giant size. Some Pokémon in the region of Barge can dynamaxizzarsi becoming incredibly powerful: the phenomenon is an integral part in the struggles of Galavar, and, because, but after three rounds the Pokémon will return to its habitual state, it is important to do so dynamaxizzare at the appropriate time! Only Coaches that have a Cuff Dynamax (special tool) can be dynamaxizzare their Pokémon. When a Pokémon is dynamaxizzato, his moves become special moves, Dynamax, moves not only powerful, but also come with additional effects.

This mode brings out another special function in areas called “Wilderness”, the Raid Dynamax, a brand new type of fight in which the player will have to ally with three other Coaches to face the Pokémon Dynamax wild. If you will be defeated you will have the chance to capture it! Inevitable notice the influence, about this addition, conventional Raid of the Pokemon GO. The Pokémon Dynamax wild will remain huge and will maintain his special powers for the duration of the fight, while only one member of the team will be able to dynamaxizzare one of his Pokémon: teamwork becomes essential and defeat the wild Pokémon will not be at all easy.

The starter of the Sword & Shield, as we know, will be Grookey, Scorbunny and Sorble, and now we have the description of the official:

The Pokémon Chimpanzees, fluffy, and immensely curious.

The Pokémon Rabbit, always running and full of energy.

The Pokémon Acquacertola, so shy that unleash attacks hidden in the water.

But in addition to these three new types of Pokémon, the region of Galavar offer many other species: Gossifleur, Eldegoss, Woolo, Corviknight and Drednaw are only part of the monsters of the eighth generation that we will learn to know playing these two titles.

Inevitable, also, the new Legendary, true symbols of the two games themselves: Zacian will be the “champion” of the Sword, while Zamazenta to shield.

Zacian the fight, moving with such grace that even manages to charm his opponents. In the mouth, holds up what appears to be a sword.

Zamazenta – The sparkling shield of Zamazenta can repel any attack.

Zamazenta struggle with the movements, so impressive to overwhelm any opponent dares to face it. His body is protected by what seems to be a shield.

Finally, some small update regarding the Finals, as always, the experts of a given Type Pokémon. In Sword & Shield, the Gyms will be replaced by stadiums packed, with a meeting between the challenger and the champion broadcasted on TV! One of the new gym leaders will be Yarrow, described as “one of the gym leaders of the Barge, it has a mild nature and kind, which makes it much loved by the Coaches of the Gym. An expert in Grass-type, is also a specialist of the clashes of the long-term. For him what matters most to you in the struggles you're having fun”.

Pokémon Direct: a new Pokémon, news and release date of the Sword & Shield is




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