Pokemon: Detective Pikachu – the suspects arrive in the TCG!


Published on May 29, 2019


To celebrate the release of the first live-action dedicated to the Pokemon, The Pokemon Company has decided to dedicate a miniset of cards to the protagonists of the film: here, then, that the wonderful critters that are taking the industry by fans in the rooms, there is also space in the Game Trading Card with an illustration that is faithful to the wonderful graphics and admired in the halls. Let's get to know the “suspected” of Rhyme City!

The cards in the set, only eighteen for this special expansion, depicting the main protagonists of the film: the inevitable Pikachu with the hat to Sherlock Holmes and magnifying glass, but players and collectors will be able to count, among others, on Mystery, Bulbasaur, Ludicolo, Mr. Mime and Snubbull. As you can easily guess, most of these cards, more than any of the competitive game are a huge opportunity for collectors considering the beautiful artwork that you can easily admire.

The highlight of this set is, definitely, the special packs (called, for the occasion, “dossiers”) that allow you to get Charizard-GX, Mewtwo-GX, and Greninja-GX version is also Jumbo (or cards exclusively from collections in much larger than normal). Charizard-GX, with the first attack, ago, discard the top 8 cards in the deck, allowing you to assign the same paper to all Energy cards between it. The move may be risky, but by putting so many Energy cards in the deck, might also be winning, considering the force of the Artillery Steam, able to inflict 200 damage.

Less aggressive Mewtwo-GX, with two Energy cards allows you to deal 50 damage to any Pokemon the opponent. There are not many, but it may allow, with patience, to put K. O. the Pokemon key in the bench of the opponent.

Definitely the most interesting of the three is Greninja-GX, which, with the Skill to Master the Elusive can end up directly on the bench (without the need of evolverlo) if Greninja-GX is the last card in the hand of the coach. In addition to the benefit of being able to play with the Pokémon, the Ability also allows you to draw three cards. Very useful, especially in the later stages of the game, the attack GX: with a single Energy, you can choose an opponent's Pokémon, with all cards attached to it, and bring them back in the hand of the opponent.

Remember that the sachets containing 4 cards, are obtainable only by purchasing special packages: depending on the types of files are contained within a variable number of packs (four for the packs with the GX, which also contain two packets of the other expansions, and two for the ones with Pikachu).

And true detective, ready to explore the length and breadth of Rhyme City, there is the special Detective Pikachu Collector's Chest, an elegant case of metal containing 7 sachets of the expansion of the Detective Pikachu TCG: Pokemon, 2 bags of additional expansion of the GCC, Pokemon, and, finally, a fantastic brooch inspired by the detective Pika!

This expansion will certainly be reduced (and less competitive) than the other, but as far as beauty, it is a set certainly must for the collector a true collector because of the success of the film in salt, have to have complete the collection is inspired by a Detective Pikachu will be a goal to show off with pride, in view of the future expansion of the new movie franchise.

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