Pokémon: Ash captures his first pokémon legendary


Published on Mar 11, 2019


The trainer fan-favorite and has captured a mythical Pokémon to add to his team. In the new episode of Pokémon Sun and Moon part of the mini-arc of Meltan, Ash is cornered just a Meltan all of its own.

@JoeMerrick The meltan caught by Ash seems like it's shiny... So did Ash just catch a shiny mythical?!

— PikaVolt! (@pikavolt_ss9) March 10, 2019

The capture marks a turning point for Ash on his journey to the Pokémon. This is the first pocket monster mysterious that Ash can say his, and that's not all. Given the type of Meltan, Ash has caught his very first creature type of the Steel when added Meltan to its roster.

To date, there is no way to tell how Meltan will affect the series going forward, but fans are hoping that the pocket monster you see often. After all, Meltan debuted in the Pokémon GO. Meltan was spotted for the first time in a community day, but The Pokemon Company has quickly confirmed that Meltan would have joined the franchise as Pokemon #808.

To be clear, there is no confirmation on the fact that Meltan will be moved to the Generation 8, when the roster will make its debut no later than in 2019.

Pokémon: Ash captures his first pokémon legendary is




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