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Published on Apr 12, 2019


The sensei was in Italy, guest of the fair to Be Comics! of Padua and, for this occasion, J-Pop has decided to dedicate it to the mangaka an entire necklace, “Tsutsui Collection”, presenting all of his titles in a new edition: from his first opera, “Duds Hunt”, the frantic “Reset”, through to the violent and raw “Prophecy” and “Manhole”, coming to the so far unpublished, “Poison City”.

Tsutsui after the rejection by a publishing house for the publication of his first work Duds Hunt, he immediately started to look for a different channel where they could show their skills; for this reason, he decides to give in meal, and his work in the world of the web. Here you will find fortune thanks to the publishing house Square Enix that will see and will decide to publish his manga.

The works of the mangaka are mainly thriller set in a modern Japan, and tormented, almost in opposition to the image of the brightly quiet that we provides the great imagination of the manga. The theme that he prefers is in fact dystopia, linked to topics such as technology and censorship. His work can be defined as “anticipation,” why is the dystopian very near to us in time. Poison City is, in fact, set shortly before the Olympics in Japan in 2020.

In a dark and contemporary Japan, a little time away from the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the government operates an oppressive system of censorship that makes it difficult and risky for any author to understand which elements may be appropriate or ambiguous. With these premises, the protagonist of the story, Mikio hibino's, he began his career, facing many obstacles to be able to publish his Dark Walker, who from the first episode will be defined as a Book Harmful, and then withdrew from the market completely censored.

That there is a plot and unusual in the panorama of the manga in Italian, a story exaggerated for the same admission of the author, but that is different confirmations in the present but also in the experience of the author himself. In fact, the manga Manhole was withdrawn from the market in the prefecture of Nagasaki.

The central theme is therefore particularly important to the author and not too far from reality. The use of the solution of the original manga in the manga is also another strong point of the work. This trick can really show the difficulties an author can encounter in a context controlled, such as the one presented in the volumes. Even most exaggerated (accused of child pornography facing to the representation of a putto) manage somehow to present a nuance of possibility: a thing so absurd and ridiculous it seems to happen really in the future too next.

The story is told also with a stretch of very decided style and extremely “normal”, which has a negative connotation, but rather helps to present the situations and the characters immersed in a true reality. When, instead, they are represented the scenes of the manga in the manga, Tsutsui grants flashes of artistic, aesthetically striking, and perfectly adapted to the setting of the work of the protagonist (a sort of zombie apocalypse).


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